Feb 2, 2018


After visiting design fairs I’m always back with many news on design and furniture to share with you. 

IMM Cologne is the first furniture fair of the year, so it’s really a good source for inspiration and for news. This post features some interesting design news from IMM Cologne 2018, including Scandinavian design brands, new design talents, well known brands and new ones. In random order, the products and news I noticed during this edition of Imm furniture fair in Cologne. Enjoy!


IMM Cologne furniture fair 2018 New+Noted

1 | Panton Chrome + Panton Glow by Vitra

50 years ago, the Panton Chair was first presented at IMM Cologne fair. To celebrate the occasion, two special editions of this chair were released at IMM Cologne 2018: the Panton Chrome and the Panton Glow. Throughout his career, Verner Panton was fascinated both by mirrored surfaces and by glowing materials with psychedelic look. Indeed, these new editions of the Panton chair are a way to make the old dream of the designer comes to fruition.


2 | System by MBK12

System is a highly flexible building kit which you can use to create your own furniture pieces. The name MBK12 stands for Mobiliar Bau Kasten in German. The 12 instead stands for the 12 cm matrix in which all elements are placed and moved. The idea is to have continuously optimize your home in terms of layout, shape and color, style and aesthetic.

3 | Mimic Mirror by Normal Studio for Muuto

Mimic Mirror is the first product that a French studio has designed for Muuto. Its design indeed is inspired by traditional French mirrors, made contemporary thanks to a triangular pattern and a concrete base. It is available in three colours: midnight blue, nude and grey.


imm cologne 2018 design news, muuto mimic mirror
Muuto mimic mirror


4 | Varjo Lamp by Umberto Garcia

The lamp Varjo is the Finnish word for “Shadow”. This lamp, created by the Italian designer Umberto Garcia, is made up of a system that is spanned between the ceiling and the floor comprising of six differently sized non-fixed rings, which elastic textile straps run through. By moving the rings the shape and the light transmission of the shade that is formed by the straps change.


“Varjo” by Umberto Garcia

5 | Typography by Truly Truly for Rakumba

Typography is a graphic lighting system created by Truly Truly, a Dutch based design studio founded by an Australian husband and wife. The inspiration came form words and how they can be arranged in relationships to create a language of expression. A super thin rail allows the light to be positioned on four sides of the central axis, independently of any other, with the maximun freedom.


6 | Parquet by studio Front for Gan

The news about these new rugs, designed by Swedish studio Front, is that they can fold to create a pouf. The collection is called Parquet and it includes three different designs, all based on modularity and geometry: Tetragon, Rhomb and Hexagon. Another very original thing is that, while the design is new and contemporary, these rugs are manufactured with a very old tecnique, the kilim, typical of the Middle Eastern culture.

7 | String system for bathrooms

The super trendy String shelving is now available with more accessories to perfectly fit in bathroom designs. News included also new accessories for the kitchen, like glass and bottle racks.


string system bathroom shelves, minimalist bathroom design


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