Jul 5, 2022

INTERIOR TIPS | Your Home, Your Decisions! Design Tips to Update Your Kitchen

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, or redesign it from scratch, it can be an overwhelming process that comes with complex decisions. While it’s beneficial to know how you want your kitchen to look before starting the design process, you don’t have to think about each detail in the plan. 

Updating your kitchen can be an easy project, if you decide to pain your cabinets, replace your hardware, faucets, or add shelf storage – these are easy ways to make your kitchen a great place to cook and spend time with your family and friends. 

But if you want to remodel your entire kitchen, like removing a wall for bigger space, move the stove, add plumbing fixtures, or install new countertops, you must make a plan before. A well-remodeled kitchen can help sell your home or increase its value. How to get the most of your investment? 


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You can discover a full range of quality furniture online. Find the furniture pieces to complement each room, especially your kitchen. It may be time to modernize your kitchen with modern furniture and make it functional, as you plan on staying in the space for years to come. These ideas can help you turn your kitchen into the space of your dreams. Outdated kitchens were made with popular materials years ago, but manufacturers released more innovative designs. So, it might be the right time to rethink your kitchen design. 


Look and style

The first thing you should do when it comes to a kitchen design process is to define the look and style. What style do you like most? Modern or traditional? Make a list of things that bother you with your current kitchen and get rid of. Maybe your kitchen is too small, dark, or hard to move around? What do you prefer to do in the kitchen? Cook, bake, eating breakfast, or spend time with friends? There are infinite solutions to a kitchen design, but you must narrow the purpose of your remodeling project. Focus on aspects that are likely to satisfy your wants and needs. It will make the entire process a lot easier. 


The size of the kitchen – does it matter? 

The size and shape of a kitchen can have a massive impact on the design. Measuring is the second option in a kitchen design process. So, before settling on a big island, make sure you know how much room you have. 



You may think that flooring does not play an important role in the kitchen process, but it’s easier to choose kitchen cabinets that match your flooring, than the way around. Flooring is a piece that won’t change, especially in homes with larger kitchens. The purpose is to make a couple of changes and define the flooring you’re about to use in the designing process. 



Before the layout of the kitchen, you must choose colors, finishes, and materials, as well as other hardware. As soon as you decide on the colors for your cabinets, you can select the countertop. This decision includes color and material. The size, shape, and style of the kitchen can affect your decision. The countertop can’t be purchased until you know the size of the sink, faucets, and countertops. Also, you must decide if you want a backsplash; if so, it must be the same materials as the countertop. 


Now let’s go more in detail:


At this point of the design process, you will know how much space you have and picture how your kitchen will look. It’s time to select and buy the kitchen appliances. It is a crucial step, as the design of the cabinets can’t be settled until the appliances have been chosen. Every element must fit perfectly. 

/Add cabinet accessories

Most of the time spent in the kitchen is around cooking; bowls, pans, silverware, pans, etc. A few homeowners invest in storage solutions, but it’s necessary. If you want to update your kitchen, you must add cabinet accessories that you will use every day. 

/ Modernize your countertops

Your kitchen countertops get a big portion of your kitchen. While outdated kitchens have cheap vinyl, the big majority of countertop surfaces choices are endless. In the past years, interior designers have become incredibly creative, as they use structural materials for countertops. Brick, concrete, and tile. 

/ Consider sitting

Your kitchen it’s likely the busiest space in your home, where people are likely to get entertained. Modern kitchens have seating options, like seats at a bar, or a bench at a window side. Seating can make a kitchen look marvelous, and it’s especially good for people with kids. In this case, seating is essential in your modern kitchen. 


/ Painting your cabinetry

New cabinets? Painting your kitchen cabinets is great for remodeling your kitchen on a budget. You may choose vibrant colors, like bold blue or dark, modern black. You’ll be surprised how some colors transform the way your kitchen looks. 

/ Install new lighting

Once you’ve modernized your kitchen, it’s time to consider lighting. While kitchen lighting can be essential for a great ambiance and versatility of your kitchen, it’s also good to consider installing a dimmer light for times like entertaining, cooking, or relaxing with your friends. Lighting over the kitchen island is also a great option for creating an intimate atmosphere. 

/ Adding decorations

While you might not think of it, the kitchen is a great place to add decorative elements. It brings a sense of your lifestyle into the kitchen. Most homeowners bring plants, while others like to add cookbooks, or display a set of tea cups passed through generations. Fresh flowers are also a great choice for



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