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Some of freshest bedroom trends coming in for 2019

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|| A guest post by Aaron Watts

Simple is boring but outdated is much more boring. One of the things that is rapidly changing nowadays is the trend of bedroom styles. The themes of bedrooms are always changing and the fact that it’s already half of the year already makes a lot of people excited for the coming bedroom trend for the coming year! But why are bedroom styles rapidly changing? What are the things to look forward to next year? And what are, instead, those things that will never be out of style?

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If you are a person who always catches up with what’s new, but at the same time look for things which will last over current trends, then this article about bedroom trends for 2019 is perfect for you. But before I give you the things that you have to have in your checklist for bedroom styles and trends next year, let’s first identify the reason why styles are always changing — at least for bedrooms.

The major reason why bedroom styles are always changing is first because bedroom styles are based on a person’s preferences. Bedroom is the most intimate room of the house and it’s where you can venture something different. Also today, because there is more content on the internet, most people rely on them to see what’s new and what’s trendy and find very easy inspiration for a new decor. It is already given that the change of styles in inevitable.

Now let’s take a closer look at the things that you should consider when redecorating your bedroom which will never go out of style, together with those things that will catch up in next year’s bedroom trend.

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Bedroom Trends 2019

  1. Minimalist bedroom design

Your bedroom should be spacious. Yes, I know, not all people were lucky enough to have a wide bedroom and most people would have the regular, standard size of the room. Working with a minimalist decor, by decluttering useless stuff, is the best way to make your bedroom feel bigger. That’s probably why minimalism is becoming a big trend for bedroom design.

|| Enjoy here some beautiful inspirations for a minimalist bedroom design


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  1. Natural materials for well-being

Even more in the bedroom, the trend is to create an healthy place, where we can sleep well and relax. For this reason, the favourite materials at present for bedroom are wooden and woven furniture.

If you’re thinking of changing your bed anytime soon, please do get yourself a wooden bed. Not only that it is study and safe, but it also never goes out of style. Wooden bedroom furniture might also be a perfect match for your wooden bed. These type of things also give out that sense of refreshment because they are naturally made, and no synthetic materials were used.  Wide, clutter-free and scented rooms always look fresh and trendy. Another thing that wooden furniture can benefit you is that they always look classy and trendy. So even if bedroom trend changes very often, you wouldn’t worry about getting a new bed or new furniture because they always fit the trend.

If you are thinking for something very trendy at present and in next year, you can also opt for a woven bed with an headboard in Vienna straw or woven wicker: more and more brands are launching new collections with these materials, starting from IKEA for example.


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  1. Handcrafted quality

Speaking of bedroom furniture, you might also want to consider getting some handmade furniture. Expertly handcrafted wooden bedroom furniture, such as the range from Revival Beds, is a great example of this. Handmade things always imply care and love, and also you will have an unique piece which is not same as other hundred bedrooms. Maybe you can invest in just one piece of handmade furniture to give character to your bedroom.

Second, the trend is also to incorporate handmade accessories, such as cute objects or prints with scketches and watercolors, which are becoming much more popular than standard prints and typographic posters.


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  1. Imperfect finishes

Starting from the wall finishes, the trend now is to opt for a non-perfect final effect with a wabi-sabi touch. Also, so not forget to add some layers of natural fabrics such as brushed cotton, linens, cushions, keeping it simple by coordinating in a casual way different hues. We already wrote about the top trends for interior finishes in this post. 

|| Discover here how to decorate in wabi-sabi style



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