Jun 17, 2019

DESIGN TRENDS | 3 beautiful examples of organic shapes in interiors

Did you know that organic shapes are really on trend now in interiors and design?

The latest furniture collections, in fact, shows a new definition of shapes and silhouettes. We are seeing many new interesting irregular shapes, far from geometrical ones, giving much more freedom and creativity to interior design. We start to be more attracted by asymmetries, more than by symmetries and clean lines, which dominated the aesthetic of the last years.

The geometric trend, a consequence of the Memphis-inspired interior design trend, after reaching its peak in the past years is now leaving the place to a different kind of aesthetic. A return to more organic shapes in furniture was particularly clear at the last Milan Design Week and we are sure we are going to see a lot of them also in the upcoming years. The trend of organic shapes in design is also a consequence of a rapprochement of design towards nature, with a more and more conscious approach towards the environment and big research on a design which can make feel us closer to nature. Last but not least, technology brought new amazing alternatives to traditional design, thanks to a series of new materials. In this sense, new materials are bringing many new exciting shapes too, which only till a few years ago were impossible to create.



Etcetera Chair, Artilleriet


Something more about organic shapes

But exactly, which ones can be defined as “organic shapes“?

Organic shapes are not regulated by any pattern or exact dimensions in their angles, curves, or lengths of lines. They draw inspiration from nature, as they are just like the shapes we find in nature: think for example about rock formations, a leaf chewed by an insect, a landscape…

We are seeing more and more organic shapes, replacing geometrical ones, also in graphic and web design. This was noted in many trend reports, such as for example this one from webalive.

In this post  I collected three beautiful examples of organic design in interior design, with three new products for the bathroom inspired by organic shapes. They are all part of antoniolupi latest products, showcased at Salone del Mobile 2019.

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Organic shapes via

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3 examples of the organic design trend

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MASTELLO | Organic Interior Design Trend 



MASTELLO is a new bathtub designed by Mario Ferrarini for antoniolupi.

Mastello is an ergonomic bathtub yet at the same time functional, thanks to its unique shape, to a comfortable integrated seat and to the edge that rises towards one of the ends. The inspiration for the design came from the original “Mastello“, which in Italian is an old wooden tub used in the past for bathing, placed in the middle of the room. The original shape was reinterpreted in a contemporary way, by creating a new organic and fluid shape. The bathtub is made of a very special material called Flumood , which allows to have a perfect surface without any interruptions and very fluid shapes.




STRAPPO | Organic Interior Design Trend 



STRAPPO is a washbasin, designed by Domenico De Palo for antoniolupi.

Strappo is an innovative washbasin, which was designed some years ago but is still very on trend now for its organic shape and original concept. in fact, Strappo can be totally integrated inside a wall. The washbasin is entirely made of Corian and, once encased in the wall, brushed and plastered, can be finished as the wall where installed. In this way, it results like a piece torn out from the wall, thanks to its unique curved shape. The tap disappears as well, totally integrated within the body of the sink.

With the same concept, Domenico De Palo designed also Silenzio and Soffio : other two beautiful examples of how organic design can be integrated into a bathroom environment.






INTRECCIO | Organic Interior Design Trend 



INTRECCIO is a washbasin designed by Paolo Ulian for antoniolupi.

Intreccio is a basket for water, made of marble. It is characterized by a unique shape, apparently natural, defined by different concentric layers of curve marble, overlapped to create a special sculptural effect. Intreccio is for sure an amazing example of technology applied to bathroom design. In fact, Intreccio is born from a block of marble, cut in many curve and thin shapes, which together create different parts to create a three-dimensional volume. In this way, also, Intreccio weighs “only” 55 kg, which is really light considering that is made totally of marble!


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