Dec 12, 2023

Webinar : INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2024 | Online Now

Are you ready to discover the latest interior design trends for 2024? 

I invite you to purchase my on demand webinar on interior design trends for 2024.


During this exciting and informative webinar, I am sharing new directions in interior design, the popular color palettes, upcoming styles and new ideas that will define the living spaces of the future. It will be a unique opportunity to gain inspiration, learn about the latest updates, and discover how to apply these trends in your own home.


from the Live Webinar 2022 | Trend Theme 01
from the Live Webinar 2022 | Trend Theme 02


Whether you are a professional designer, a decoration enthusiast, a designer, someone working for a brand or simply curious about the latest trends, this webinar is perfect for anyone who wants to delve into the world of interior design.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to stay ahead in the field of interior design!  Get now my omn-demand webinar on interior design trends for 2024 here 



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