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INTERIOR TIPS | Quick tips to improving your bathroom’s appearance

Ideas and Tips for a Bathroom Restyling


A room’s mood is determined directly by its lighting. Changing the lights in your bathroom might not strike you as being a big deal, but it can have a massive impact on the tone and mood of your bathroom.

Older lights tend to have harsher, more yellow lighting than modern lights, resulting in the casting of an unattractive yellow hue on your bathroom and a distortion of colours and surroundings. LED lighting is far more energy efficient, and the light produced is clearer and more forgiving.

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Lighting can affect your mood, too, impacting how you relax and unwind. To create a truly relaxing bath time experience without spending a fortune, invest in some waterproof LED lights and position them around your bath and shower.

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Vinyl flooring has always been a good option in bathrooms, along with tile. Unlike tile, though, vinyl has some cushioning and is less likely to be slipped on, making it a better choice if you have children.

Try to avoid laminate style flooring as this can react badly to moisture. An overflowing bath can spell disaster for a laminate floor, causing the floor to bend, bow, and rise unattractively.

A mat on the floor near the bath/shower can help to prevent water from the bath from damaging your floor, as well as complementing your decor and colour scheme in your bathroom restyling.

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Over time, the colour of your painted walls will naturally fade. This process happens in every room, but it’s often quicker and more pronounced in rooms with regularly wet atmospheres, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Paint also has a tendency to flake, creating unattractive patches in your decor.  A quick lick of paint is easy to apply, and is guaranteed to give your walls a quick lift.

Go for calming, light, pastel colours that will reflect light and help to emphasise the space in your bathroom. Don’t skimp on the glossing, either. As awful as glossing may be, newly glossed doors, cabinets and skirting boards look considerably more attractive than flaky and yellowing work wood areas.

Combined with your new lighting, your new paintwork will have an uplifting effect on your bathroom decor, helping to transform something that looks old and dated into something new and revitalised.

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New accessories

Add a touch of your personality to your bathroom by adding in a couple of well-chosen, homely accessories.

Nautical themed bathroom accessories are always bang on trend, but if you want to go for something a little different, there’s no stopping you. Hotel-themed, glitzy bathrooms are all the rage at the moment, so there are plenty of beautiful, sparkly pieces for you to choose from.

Alternatively, you could inject a natural spa feel into your bathroom by adding in your bathroom restylingwoodwork, green plants, and beautiful smelling spa oils.

Room Mate Giuila Hotel by Patricia Urquiola

New furniture

Of course, the best way to improve the appearance of your bathroom is to invest in a whole new array of furniture.

Corner sinks, floating vanity units and stand-alone copper bath tubs have made a headway in the fashion world, and are set to stay. You don’t have to spend a fortune, either; there are plenty of good quality, cheaper bathroom options out there, such as the stock at Better Bathrooms.

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