Oct 27, 2017

INTERIOR TIPS | Why You Should Stage Your Home

|| A guest post by Lin Nulman

Why Stage Your Home?

As its name implies, home staging gives a house for sale that “Ta-da!” factor. When you’re selling your home, you want it to make a fantastic first impression, and its look should emphasize the features and lifestyle it offers. Good staging makes potential buyers imagine themselves living there.

That’s really the point. People buy based on emotions as well as on facts, so someone connecting with your house can seal the deal. Staging provides just the right type and amount of impact for that connection. Realtor Elizabeth Weintraub poetically says, “Home staging is…magical… the art of creating moods. Professional stagers are highly skilled artists…”

The Real Estate Staging Association found that houses sitting unsold “as is” sold quickly after staging, with 73% less time on the market. Realtors also consistently find that well-staged houses get better offers and stand out from the competition.

Hiring a professional stager, who can work with your budget and needs, is a great first tip. The RESA website can help you (if you are base in the US) and your realtor can also recommend local talent.

The following tips reply to the question How to Stage Home and they can be DIY or handled professionally. They have all been shown to bring return on your investment of time and resources.

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Top Easy Tips for Staging | How to Stage Home

That fantastic first impression happens outside. Maximizing your home’s “curb appeal” is a top staging priority.

  1. Power wash the walls, touch up peeling paint, and clean and/or paint your front door.
  2. Remove downed branches, dead plants, bikes, toys, garden tools, and any other clutter.
  3. Fix anything broken or very out-of-date, such as fence posts, railings, or the mailbox.
  4. Tidy gardens and add flowers or greenery to beautify. Potted plants can also enhance doors, porches, and decks.
  5. Mow the lawn. Reseed if necessary: lawns have big visual impact.

Then make an equally positive impression in every room.

Terrific house-wide tips include:

  • Declutter both rooms and storage spaces to make them look spacious. Decluttering means your daily stuff as well, so obviously no cereal boxes or laundry visible. Surfaces and walls should be cleared of personal items, and storage spaces shouldn’t be jammed full.
  • Clean very thoroughly. Dust, scrub, mop, sweep, etc., and then keep it like that. A recent buyer defined the great first impression of her new house as, “It was so clean!”
  • Walls and furniture should have warm neutral tones, which don’t have to be dull, and a few tasteful pops of color provided by things like throw pillows, select art work, vases of flowers, glass jars or bowls of fruit, or beautiful books.
  • People respond strongly to the sense of smell. There should be no odor of pets, trash, or cooking. Vanilla candles, citrus, or oil diffusers can add attractive, subtle scents.
  • Make sure the house is warm or cool enough to be comfortable, and that both natural and artificial light levels are inviting.
  • Give each room a purpose. If a room is ambiguous, such as a small den or bedroom, stage it as something definite. Make it a guest bedroom, a home office, a craft room, etc.
  • Create vignettes that suggest what lifestyle the house has to offer. Set a pretty entry bench with a hat, a bright dog leash, and a pair of attractive boots. Set a kitchen island for a cozy breakfast or a deck table for an outdoor meal. Line the center of the dining table with a runner and small floral arrangements. Make a comfy chair into a reading nook with a book, blanket, and tea tray. Arrange seating to emphasize a fireplace or a view. Well-placed props spark the imagination.

Real estate agents are experts with advice and feedback on staging, or guidance in hiring a pro. They will use your staging to tell your house’s story, to show off its best features, and to get it sold.

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Lin Nulman has been writing for HomeLight.com since 2016, and her work has been featured on many other websites. She teaches writing and literature at Bunker Hill Community College.

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