Jan 9, 2020

INTERIOR TRENDS | 15 Top 2020-2021 Decor Trends according to Pinterest – part 2

Be inspired to decorate your home in the new year with the top 2020/2021 decor trends

Did you know that every December Pinterest releases a big research about the top trends for the next year?

The list is based on what people research, like and save in their Pinterest accounts. In fact, the trends are identified by the Pinterest team through an extensive analysis of the global search volumes from August 2017-July 2018 to August 2018-July 2019. Starting from these dates, they then identified ten macro trends each one containing a series of micro trends. Being used for more than 250 million people, Pinterest is an amazing source to understand more about trends and about the directions that different industries are heading off. In fact, Pinterest research explore several industries, from fashion to home design, to food and beauty – just to name a few.

I went through the complete list and in this article,  I have shared the key 10 macro lifestyle trends for 2020 here, while in this article you can find a  list of the top 2020 trends related to interiors, decor and design. Be inspired!


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Top 2020/2021 decor trends

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1# Feng shui decor

It’s all about finding balance and wellness in a more everyday way, as we already predicted with the designing for the well-being macro trend last year. People are rediscovering Feng shui decor, with age-old design principles cerated to de-stress and re-energize the living space. ( Pinterest searches up +137% from the past year )




2# Unisex playrooms and nurseries

People are looking for more gender-neutral options for both everyday needs and milestone events. This is especially true within the new Gen Z, which tends to expect more gender-neutral options. The research of ideas for gender-neutral kids’ playroom for example went up more than 75%, while the percentage of researches on Pinterest unisex nurseries designed to avoid gender-conforming stereotypes increased more than 527%. 


Paper and Stich via


3# Home theatres

Popcorn? Checked! Drinks? Checked! Multi-tiered recliner bleacher seating for ten? Checked. Researches for home theatre design went up +368%. Anybody dreaming of a home theatre too?

4# Coffee stations

Home coffee stations are really rising with more than 751% more in researches on Pinterest compared to the past year. Clear out some space on your counter for your very own high-end altar to caffeine!




5# Garden room and Indoor microgreens

Biophilic design remains as a strong trend. Nurture yourself with nature in your very own secret garden with a private garden room at home ( Pinterest researches up +104%) and grow your own herbs and salad fixings, all year round, all right in your kitchen. (Pinterest researches for microgreens growing indoor up +223%)


My Modern House


6#Thrifted home decor

The future is circular, as we predicted in our macro trend forecasting for 2020/2021 here. There’s a shift towards more conscious consumption as people re-evaluate their impact. Start from keeping furniture out of the landfill by filling your home with thrifted decor. (researches up +308%)


Nesting with Grace


7# Protest posters and Ocean trash art

From humorous takes to hard-hitting facts, climate change protest signs researches went up of a really significant +5961% in the Pinterest researches compared to the last year. Why not also turning ocean pollution into art ? (Ocean trash art researches, +39%)


Jonathan Dial


8# Indian living rooms

Home decor has never been more internationally inspired than now.  The world feels smaller than ever as people trade influences and traditions every which way. You can, for example, liven up your living space with oversized sculptures, shining brass and bright colours inspired by Indian style. (Indian living rooms researches are super popular in the US and UK, with more than 2080% searches on Pinterest )




9# Spanish bathrooms

Spanish baños are steaming up—from the distinct archways down to the decorative tile. Researches went up to +309% and are especially popular in India and in the Philippines.




10# French antiques

Say “oui” to antique French accents—think patinated mirrors and farm linens. Researches went up to +384% and are especially popular in Iran and Egypt.




11# Australian landscaping

Give Australian gardening a go with drought-tolerant grasses and kangaroo paw ferns. Researches for Australian garden landscaping went up to +781% and are especially popular in South Africa and Canada.


ph Brigid Arnott | Inside Out via


12# Japanese tubs

Soak in the still, deep waters of your very own Japanese soaking tub. Researches for Japanese soaking tubs went up to +563% and are especially popular in Australia and New Zealand.




13# Dog patios and cat playgrounds

Transform even the smallest patio or balcony into a luxurious dog-friendly oasis and create custom structures for your cat to claw, climb and silently judge you from. (Dog patio ideas apartment, researches up to+131% – Cat playground outdoor, researches up to +512%)




14# Outdoor indoors

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors, sunrooms and more ways to let the sunshine in. (Bring outdoors inside, researches up to +108%)




15# Outdoor kitchens

Bring then the indoor out, with fully equipped outdoor kitchen bars, right in your own backyard. Sink, stove and meat spit included.  (Researches up +2795%)




Top 2020/2021 decor trends


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