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INTERIOR TRENDS | The news spotted at imm cologne 2020 that will be on trend in 2021

Visiting the first furniture fair of the year is always a good way to get an idea of what will be on-trend this year and the next. In this article, I am sharing my report of the interior trends for 2020 and 2021 as I have seen at the IMM Cologne 2020. You will find lots of images and news from the event.

I always love to go back the trend report I did the year before and check if my predictions were right. And I can say they were! So that’s why in this trend report, you will  not only find new trends but also some interesting trends previously spotted in the IMM Cologne 2019 and confirmed this year

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Let’s start by seeing together the trends from last year which were confirmed in 2020.



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Enjoy the first part:

Interior Trends for 2021, as seen at imm cologne 2020


50 shades of Yellow


THE color of imm cologne 2019 was without a doubt yellow and this year the same color was confirmed as the main one.

Actually, yellow is a really versatile color, depending on the hue you choose. From ochre and mustard yellows to gen-Z bright yellow, to pastel and lemon yellow, to lighter butter and ivory: plenty of options could be find in IMM Cologne 2020.

The popularity of this color can be explained when we take into consideration a macro trend called  Playful Design – this trend aims to create fun, happy and playful atmospheres.




New tendency






Beige and warm neutrals

Again, this year, I have seen sooo many total beige/warm whites settings! It’s the 3rd year in a row that I am writing about this, so I am pretty sure that next year will bring a change.

 It is true that total beige is really pretty but maybe we are starting to feel a bit tired of it. In the full report, you can find some color schemes and decorating ideas that probably will replace total beige in the nearest future.




Ferm Living





Outdoor design

As it happened in 2019, this year brands showed a growing interest in outdoor design. At the fair, I spotted many new outdoor collections created by indoor brands. I also saw outdoor brands taking inspiration from interior furniture. This is the result of a trend we predicted two years ago, that’s the blending of indoor and outdoor design. 

In fact,  the concept behind “Da Haus” by MUT Design this year was based on this trend.



Silka Design

Gandiablasco @ Das Haus




As predicted last year, white  is now definitely back on furniture. I spotted many different upholstered furniture pieces and decor items in white, together with the use of pure white on walls as well. Actually, white furniture not only works really well on a neutral background, but also together with more saturated hues (see next point).


Ligne Roset





Saturated colors

In 2020, we spotted many more saturated colors  and this is probably a reaction to all pastels and beiges shades. Back in 2019, some brands at imm cologne had already embraced this trend by choosing very bold colors such as klein 90s blue, shamrock and emerald greens, reds, bold oranges, bold cherry and of course gen-z yellow.

The reference goes back to the Bauhaus tradition with a combination of primary colours on a white base shade and it also brings back the Neo-Memphis style. Overall, the interior scene as a whole is becoming more colourful with the intensive use of color schemes.

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Petite Friture





Modularity + Flexibility

The design world is in a constant research to provide modularity and flexibility. At  imm cologne 2020, I spotted many modular sofas and multifunctional pieces of furniture. Please learn more about the furniture design trends for 2020 in this post.


New Interior Trends for 2021, as seen at the imm cologne 2020


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Hope you have found this trend report interesting.

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