Oct 20, 2020

INTERIOR TRENDS | Visual Escapism inspiration in pandemic times

Visual Escapism as a trend is going to influence interiors and design also after the pandemic?


Lately, I realized how many of the inspirations I am sharing on Instagram are actually digital interiors and rendered views. In fact, I started following many profiles of digital artists, where I often find many interesting interiors, color inspirations, but also fictional landscapes and places.

The trend is called visual escapism and it can be related to the interiors but more in general to anything related to visual art. The term was first introduced by @muestudio in their collection of dreamy digital landscapes.

In fact, with the pandemic outbreak and coronavirus confining people to their homes and cities, and with new rising fears, the desire for escape is getting stronger and stronger and this is visually translated into digital art creations


Visual Escapism in 2021

Ethereal seaside homes, hyper green interiors, dreamy windows landscapes, pastel-hued rooms with soft and cosy furnishings, super bright rooms have become super popular in recent months. Utopian landscapes, buildings and interiors are slowly taking the  place of real settings also in many new launches from brands and companies.

I believe that this new trend is going to influence a lot also many real projects and new collections in the next future, when we will be hopefully out of the pandemic as well. Don’t you think?

PS: Here I am sharing some other artists I am following on Instagram, feel free to share with me other nice profiles to follow!


INTERIOR TRENDS 2021 / Visual Escapism



Andrés Reisinger




Charlotte Taylor





Stefano Giacomello




Simon Kaempfer





James Tralie




Minjin Kang & Mijoo Kim

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