Jan 5, 2022

5 Interior Style Trends to watch out for in 2022

Looking for some interior inspirations to start the new year? We collected some top interior style trends to watch out in 2022.

What’s your favorite?


We have just started the New Year and today I would like to give some extra inspirations with a recap of the interior style trends for 2022.

As I always say, to me being aware of the most current trends is a way to find new ideas and inspirations for projects, but I always believe that a successful interior design is not about “following trends” or a specific style. Other than this, creating a home interior is about translating the tastes’ and needs of the people who will live that space into a beautiful and functional interior – trends can be some additional ideas, but to me they are never a starting point in the design process.

This is the point of view of myself as an interior architect; however, if you instead are into product creation and marketing, part of a brand, being aware of the most current trends has totally a different purpose – is about being aware of people’s future tastes and the directions to take for a successful product launch. In this sense, interior trend forecasting is meant to be a much deeper process.

Anyways, here some interior trends I would like to point out from 2021 to last in 2022.


 Interior Style Trends to watch out for in 2022



New Mediterranean Interior Style / Interior Style Trends 2022


Trend forecasters agree in affirming that it is time for a change – to switch from the predominance of Scandinavian design, towards warmer and southern atmospheres – exactly the ones inspired by the Mediterranean area.

In design, modern Mediterranean style can be translated into spaces that blend indoor and outdoor, lots of natural light, natural materials and fabrics, big use of terracotta, ceramics and tiles. We define it “modern” to distinguish it from the traditional mediterranean style, that however is always a source of inspiration for this style.

Discover more and be inspired by the new Mediterranean Interior design at this link.





Modern Tuscan Interior Style / Interior Style Trends 2022


If you are a fan of the non-minimal and extremely cozy interior décor styles and warm earthy atmospheres, for sure you will fall in love with this new aesthetic that elegantly blends classical Tuscan countryside architectural elements with modern touches to seamlessly adapt it to the amenities of the XXIst century.

In a modern Tuscan home, the typical Italian rustic mood remains central but is integrated – or elegantly substituted – with a few contemporary design amenities and modern comforts.

Let’s see how: be inspired by the Modern Tuscan Interior style here.




Zen-Inspired Interior Style / Interior Style Trends 2022


In Japanese, the word “Zen” basically means meditation – although the original concept is believed to come from India to eventually make its way to China and then to Japan, where it actually derives its name from.

A Zen inspired interior is neat and simplified and uses abundantly natural materials and colors, as well as natural light to let in a sense of calmness and quietness.

Discover how to get the perfect zen-inspired interior design here.




New Minimalist Interior Style / Interior Style Trends 2022


Today’s Minimalist style is different from the clean-lined perfection of the past years.

The way minimalism as a trend is changing goes hand-in-hand with the latest big changes we are experiencing. We already talked about the “new well-being” as one of the major post-covid design trends here, and about the future changes of interior design after covid. The crisis we are living is inevitably cutting what was not necessary, superfluous, meaningless, by giving to the “less is more” concept even a more powerful meaning.

Contemporary minimalism is not about the idealized absence of things, but about choosing things with a meaning, that matters to us and that can enhance our well-being, physically and mentally.

Be inspired by the new Minimalist interior design in this post.



Wabi-Sabi Aesthetics / Interior Style Trends 2022


Wabi-Sabi is a concept that derives from simplicity and authenticity. The Japanese philosophy offers an escape from the reality’s modern obsession with perfectionism, instead embracing imperfections in a more meaningful way.

much more than just a trend to make beautiful interiors – as mentioned above, it’s an aesthetics deeply rooted in Japanese history, that we cannot simply “reproduce” in our culture. But, anyways, there are some significants features that can be an inspiration for our homes and projects, to add a kind of “different” touch and mood from the ones we are used to.

Discover here how to embrace the Wabi-Sabi design philosophy at home.


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