Mar 14, 2023

INTERIOR TRENDS | What is Cluttercore aesthetic

Discovering more about one of the most hyped style trends of the moment, the Cluttercore aesthetic / interior trends 2024


Cluttercore is an aesthetic based on decorating your home with what makes you happy.  A maximal approach to decorating, opposed to minimalism – forget the less is more philosophy, here – more is more. 

But cluttercore is not filling interiors in a mess, but more about decorating your home with the things you like and arranging it in a tasteful way, without the need to select only a few things.   

Cluttercore has become popular especially on TikTok, with the #cluttercore hashtag reaching currently more than 90 million mentions. It’s definitely becoming one of the most relevant interior trends of the year and probably of 2024.

In this post I’m giving you some tips and explaining more about the trend, other than sharing my own opinion on this ( spoiler: I don’t like this aesthetic, it’s too far from mine 😉.

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How to decorate according to the Cluttercore aesthetic


Cluttercore in fact is about expressing feelings, by creating interiors filled with objects that make us happy or remind us about happy moments.

Boldness is often another defining feature of cluttercore, with bright colours, unique furniture, contrasts, and why not maybe also decorated ceilings. Cluttercore style also plays with the juxtaposition of different patterns, creating interesting layers of decoration. 


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However, bold colors are not a defining feature of the style. In fact, some prefer working on a dark and moody space, while others may prefer working on a more neutral and white background. The common feature is filling the space ( usually shelves and walls ) with a lot of things, showcased in tidy but crowded groups. 

Among the objects, the most popular have weird shapes and are fantasy inspired, other than having a retro vibe. One example is the mushroom-shapes decor, that we already spotted among the top decorating trends as listed on Pinterest trends. Always on Pinterest, a +695% in the research for “Funky house decor”, proving how strong this new wave of maximalist design is.


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Cluttercore aesthetic  the Interior Trend explained


Cluttercore is exactly the translation of the Gen-Z need of self-expression translated in interiors.

Even if now the pandemic is over and we are free to leave our homes, the lockdowns strongly influenced people’s behavior. In particular, researches proved that 51% of 13-39-year-olds plan to spend most of their time at home, even after the pandemic. This is in part also an effect of the inflation and the economical crisis, that is making it more and more expensive to spend time doing normal activities outside such as having dinner.

For this reason, Gen Z interior design trends lately have focused so much on turning living spaces into unique, picturesque places where they can feel themselves, in their surroundings, while feeling truly comfortable in spending a lot of time in. Another example is the Avant basic style trend shared in this post.

|| If you want to dive into the youngest generation aesthetics and trends, TRENDBARK issue 02/23 is about this ( and more )


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What do you think of this aesthetic?

Personally, this cluttercore aesthetic is not for me. I’m sharing as always about what I spot as a trend to keep you informed but as an architect myself I’m much more into more minimalist spaces. Even if I’ve always thought that too minimalist interiors  are also quite cold and uncomfortable – so I’m more for an in-between minimalism and cluttercore let’s say. However, it’s always good to be updated about how tastes are changing.  What do you think?

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