Dec 8, 2017

INTERIOR TRENDS | Balustrade Designs To Look Forward To In 2018

|| A guest post by James Andrews

You may never have considered the balustrade on your stairs, after all its main purpose is to help you move comfortably up and down the stars. However, the balustrade is just as important as the stair design. Choosing both carefully is essential if you want your staircase and balustrade to make the right impression.

In fact it is much easier than you think to change the current balustrade and transform the look of any interior or exterior staircase. All you need to do is select one of these designs and consult a professional who can quickly change your current one.

These are the most popular balustrade designs to look forward to in 2018:


Ph Justin Alexander via The Contemporist

Balustrade Designs #1 | Glass

Glass is definitely going to feature as a popular trend in 2018. The most common look will be a complete glass screen going up the side of the staircase. There will be no visible sign of the glass; it just serves as protection.


Ph Hanne Fuglbjerg via Desire to Inspire

Balustrade Designs #2 | Straight Spindles

The straight spindle will make a strong return in 2018. No longer will you need to have ornately carved versions. The straight spindle will slot into the gap and can be left as a natural look or painted to match the rest of your furnishings.

The important thing is to keep the spindle simple.


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(+cover pic) Naturehumaine Ph Adrien Williams via Dezeen

Balustrade Designs #3 | Metal

Even interior stairs can look good with metal balustrades as you will start to see in abundance during 2018.

Most of the metal balustrades will be based on rectangular or oval designs, again keeping the lines simple but adding a unique touch to your home. One trend which you should watch is the practice of mixing different metals in your home. Although the balustrade should be one color, a contrast to existing metal décor is a definite plus.


Studio David Thulstrup -Ph Peter Krasilnikoff – via Yellowtrace

Balustrade Designs #4 | Dark Green + Natural Wood

This is one color that is going to see a surge in popularity during 2018. However, rather than pint your current balustrades green it is likely that you will see an increase in the number of natural wood balustrades. In particular bamboo will be making a comeback, especially if it has a green hue.


 frontoffice via Designboom

Balustrade Designs #5 | Wire

Wire provides a good strong border to protect you from falling but has an almost transparent look. This is going to be another popular trend in 2018, it can be framed in metal or wood but you must make sure the wires are all parallel to ensure the look is right. This is functional and fashionable.

The real key to the 2018 balustrades designs is that they are all remarkably simple. Ornate is definitely out. The material is less important although the ones mentioned above are certainly going to feature highly in any modern home.

It is worth noting that although glass is likely to be the most popular trend it can be a difficult one to live with. If you can’t see the screen you can feel disorientated and not feel that you can grab hold of anything. This could cause an accident. For this reason it may be better to add small details to the top of the glass, such as inset metal circles.


frontoffice via Designboom

|| About the Author

James is an avid DIY and home design-obsessed writer with a well-trained eye for quality, craftmaship, furnishings and textiles. James believes in the power of Beautiful Interiors to transform daily life. He continues to be recognized for his timeless style and designs that remain fresh even as time goes by.

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