Mar 2, 2021

DECOR TRENDS | Color Blocking With Tiles

Color blocking with tiles is one way of decorating with colors that is very on trend at present.

If you love colors, this may be a good option for your home as well. Be inspired!


Using color is a great way to add personality into your home or projects, and to make it original and unique. We already talked about color blocking decor , but only by using paint as a way to create this kind of decorating solution.

Now, you can achieve a result which is both clean and visually impactful also with tiles color blocking. In fact, thanks to large size format tiles which are perfectly rectified, you can basically cover with color every surface – at the same time, by having all the benefits of a ceramic covering. Which, we already know, are the most durable and easy to clean kind of covering.

In this article, I am sharing five creative ideas to decorate with color and tiles. Together with them, a new tiles collection by Italian brand Casalgrande Padana called Atelier which is perfect for color blocking decor


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Color Blocking with Tiles

5 Creative ideas to decorate with Tiles and Color


1/ Underline one wall


Color blocking is about defining a large area by using the same color hue or a multiple blocks of colors. The easiest way to do this is by decorating a wall, usually a focal wall. One large area in one single color can really have a big impact on a space, even more if you use large size tiles for covering it.


ITALIANBARK’S TIP // A bold color blocking wall looks good in a neutral space, but also in combination with other materials and colors. But to make this kind of decor impactful and avoid a “too much” effect, make sure to keep your wall empty. That’s to say, do not hang any wall art and other decorating element, and choose just low and clean furniture pieces to be places in front of it.




2/ Make one area stand out


Color blocking with tiles is also a great way to make one specific area of your room stand out. For example: are you thinking about a special way to define your bathroom? You could go for colour blocking in all your shower, or maybe behind the vanity wall.

By covering this space in one continuous color – that’s to say that goes from the floor till up on the walls, you will create a graphic statement inside the room with a very contemporary effect. If you fear a bold colour is too much,  you can use the same decorating approach also by choosing a large size tile in neutral colors – for example, in beige, taupe milky white.




3/ Match it with other finishes


To make your colour blocking decor even more dramatic, you can match it with another covering with a patterned finish. Think for example about pairing a colorful wall with a terrazzo effect flooring, or with a marbled one, or maybe with a patterned stone. To make things easier, the tip is to choose a bold color for your colour blocking, and a black and a monochromatic solution for your patterned covering. Also, if you work with a geometric pattern on your colored wall – such as the ones created with tiles – make sure to choose an irregular and natural pattern for the other surface: their contrast will create a visually powerful effect!


ITALIANBARK’S TIP // Did you know that you can use a tiled covering both for the color-blocked surface and for the patterned one? In fact, with tiles you can choose among many different finishes also with a terrazzo style, a marbled or a stone effect. The new Atelier collection by Casalgrande Padana is perfect for this kind of pairings, because it has been created to complement the concrete-effect, wood-effect, marble-effect, metal-effectand stone-effect collections.



4/ Match different colors in block decor


Decorating with tiles in colour blocking gives so many other options to be creative! For example, other than pairing one colour with a monochromatic pattern,  you can also match two different colors with a color-blocked surface. By choosing two different colours, you can also enhance the depth of one room and make it bigger. As in the picture below, choose a darker colour for the farther wall: in this way, you will make the space look wider and you will underline the surface with a lighter color.

To choose your colours in order to be in a good match, you can work in different ways: by choosing two primary colors, or two complimentary ones (that’s two say – opposite in the colour wheel) or maybe two analogous colors.




5/ Bring the same colour also on other surfaces


Last, by choosing a covering with tiles, you can get creative and cover other surfaces in the same colour. Ceramic coverings in fact can be used, other than on flooring and walls, also on other surfaces – such as for example on furniture, on the kitchen counter or the island.

Who said walls and floors were the only space that could get colorful? Thanks to thin tiles, in fact, options can be endless!



Color Blocking with Tiles

Atelier tiles by Casalgrande Padana


All the solutions featured in this article have been created thanks to the new collection of colorful tiles in large format Atelier by Italian brand Casalgrande Padana.

These porcelain stoneware tiles are perfect for creating creative and colourful solutions in both interiors and exteriors. In fact, thanks to the new large size (120×278 cm) format and the rectified edge (i.e. perfectly square), these tiles can be laid with minimal grout lines and can cover the entire height of one wall. Also, thanks to their reduced thickness (6.5 mm), you can cover curved surfaces or also furnishing elements.

They are available in 8 beautiful and trendy colours inspired by nature:

Atelier Rubino, Ottanio, Oltremare, Indaco, Fiordaliso, Lavanda, Brume e Cristallo.














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