Mar 10, 2021

HOME TOUR | 5 Australian homes designed to embrace nature

Inspired by the rejuvenating and invigorating eucalyptus green color trend, we are virtually going to Australia to explore some home interiors strictly connected with green and nature.

Nature has always been one of the major source of inspiration for architecture and design, even more in this period. In fact, it is clear how our connection with nature and green can have a big impact on our daily well-being and healthy. Concepts such as biophilic design , holistic interiors and sustainability are strictly related as tools to embrace an healthier and greener lifestyle which starts from our homes design.

In addition to this – nature can be a really beautiful source of inspiration for any project.

Be inspired by these homes designed to be in harmony with nature, from a far place where nature is the main protagonist – Australia. Which one is your favorite? Share on Instagram by tagging @italianbark


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5 Australian homes designed to embrace nature



An House built around Eucalyptus Trees

When a client proposed cutting down a large eucalyptus in southwest Australia’s Margaret River township to make room for a new residence, MORQ architects advocated for the tree’s preservation, citing it as a source of inspiration. According to the architects, the eucalyptus added character to an otherwise anonymous plot of land, serving as a point of reflection for the new residents. Discover the Karri Loop House Here


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An House with Eucalyptus wood screens in the nature

Timber screens can be pulled aside to provide uninterrupted views towards the ocean from this house near the Australian resort of Noosa. Designed by local studio Teeland Architects, Tinbeerwah House is a family home designed to enhance the sense of connection between its occupants and the surrounding eucalyptus forest. Read more here


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An House arranged around a planted courtyard

An olive-trees courtyard is the heart of this grey-brick home in Melbourne, designed by Studio Four for its own co-directors. Ruxton Rise Residence is a beautiful and tranquil home where they could spend quality time with her two daughters, designed by keeping in mind the mid-century typology. Read more here


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An House strictly connected with nature

A sustainable family home overlooking Cook’s River in inner-Western Sydney designed from a single-storey bungalow. The designers – studioplusthree – gave the home a new lease of life, with an inherent sense of connectedness to the natural environment, by removing the addition and revealing the original form. Discover more here




A vacation House in the green

Woorak House is a holiday home situated in Sydney’s Palm Beach suburb, perched on the tip of a peninsula that’s bordered on one side by the Pacific ocean. Designed by CM Studio ,  the home is structured as an airy pavilion to optimise views of its luscious green surroundings. Discover more here


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