Mar 9, 2021

INTERIOR TRENDS | How to bring Holistic Design in your homes

What is holistic interior design? Discover more on how to bring Holistic Design in your homes in our guide!


The weird times we are experiencing are making our homes real sanctuaries: we are mostly working from home, studying and learning from home, entertaining ourselves from home, using home spaces in ways we never had before. Can you think to a better motivation to embrace a specific design and décor trend that could transform your home into a space that looks good, functions well, and actually makes you healthier? 


(Credits )

 Spending more time than ever at home, we all agree upon the importance of having a space to unwind and relax in at the end of a long day (Credits) + (Credits)  


You have probably heard the term “holistic” as part of a specific medical approach that consists in treating the whole persons rather than the symptoms alone.  The principle is the same when applied to interior design: recreating environments that are optimized for the overall wellbeing of the people who live or work there.

Want to see how? Keep reading to discover how mixing fundamentals of ancient wisdom with modern interior architecture concepts rooted in sustainability and specific techniques such as color psychology, biophilia and lighting design holistic design aims at turning any interior into a calming and soothing retreat


How to bring Holistic Design in your homes


Holistic interior design: where to start? 


It all starts with you! Your holistic space should represent who you are, encouraging you to   feel happy and most like your true self. Put aside currents trends then and focus on what you really like; ask yourself what colors please you; what elements soothe you; what are you comfortable doing and what is your lifestyle and day-to-day activities.  


Paying more attention to spaces where we relax and re-energize is a staple of holistic design (Credits ) + (Credits


How to bring Holistic Design in your homes / Tip #1

Introduce basic elements of physical health 


Then, taking in mind that a holistic home should be a healthy place first of all, consider some basic steps to improve your indoor air quality: invest in a good air cleaning system, for example, or in a humidifier; choose natural and chemical free products for your housework. Get plants of course, because they purify air from toxins and have a calming and energizing effect on all beings. Try also to minimize noises that could cause irritation and malaise whether from equipment, appliances or the outside. 


Beside having a soothing effect, plants help filtering out everyday pollutants (Credits )


How to bring Holistic Design in your homes / Tip #2

Use natural and sustainable materials 

For those spaces you live the most – like the kitchen – think about introducing natural and sustainable materials that may reflect your style and connect you deeper with the natural world. Wood, raffia, marbles, granites and other natural stones are all great choices!  


Eco friendly materials like wood or natural stones can have an incredible positive impact on your wellness  (Credits; Credits



How to bring Holistic Design in your homes / Tip #3

Feng shui principles 


Think about some basic Feng Shui principles to create harmony and balance in your space. Going in with a goal of minimalism, for example, will help you declutter and get rid of the material possessions that you don’t need anymore; this will make you feel more energetic and stable. 

Want to Feng Shui your bedroom? Take note of these tips!  


More appealing and functional, decluttered spaces will generate more positive energy in the house (Credits


How to bring Holistic Design in your homes / Tip #4

Color psychology 


According to the basic principles of color psychology, blue should be used for your bedroom, since it can impart tranquility and calm. For rooms where you are active or socialize, such as the living room, try adding accents of red, which is related to the fire element and the heart center. Earth tones, like yellow and brown are great in the kitchen because they positively influence the digestive function.  

Green is still proving a popular choice for its calming effects. Have you checked already the refreshing and tranquil eucalyptus green? 


Hues of blue in the bedroom will help you get a better sleep (Credits)  

An earth-toned kitchen will always feel welcoming and cozy  (Credits



How to bring Holistic Design in your homes / Tip #5

Let the natural light in 


Natural daylighting can make any room come alive, making colors popping in your furnishings and wall decor and making humans feel healthier and inspired. Whether you use windows, skylight ceilings, glass walls or light wells, natural light will not only create a mood and ambience within the space but it will drastically affect your psyche and attitude. 


One of the easiest, cheapest and most beautiful natural elements that too often get forgotten is sunlight ( Credits



You now know the basics of holistic interior design.

Don’t you feel already more inspired and energetic?



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