Jul 15, 2019

KITCHEN TRENDS #4 | Best kitchen finishes to choose in 2021

How to choose kitchen finishes which will last forever but at the same time are trendy now?

In this article you will find the kitchen trends for 2020 which we think will last.

Because, let’s face this, nobody wants to choose kitchen finishes that will be soon out of style. We all look for finishes that look beautiful together and that will look fresh for a lot of years, at least as much as the kitchen life.

The problem is that, if you overdo with trends, your kitchen design will never last as much as you desire. We are going today through some of the latest kitchen finishes trends, showing you some samples and explaining why they are going to last. Enjoy!


All the kitchens appliances you will see in this article are by Italian kitchen brand Bertazzoni.


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How to choose the right kitchen finishes


Total Black / Kitchen Finishes Trend #1

After many years when total white and grey were a must for the kitchen, we are seeing now a huge comeback of total white designs. Together with colorful kitchens, total black kitchens are a trend which is going to be huge in the few next years. As for all trends, the risk is that when they will finish, your kitchen will look a bit out-of-date. To avoid this, keep the design simple and work around very few finishes.


How to choose kitchen finishes to last forever? Tip 1 

Keep things simple and limit the number of finishes. Choose two or three and work with them. You can choose also kitchen appliances in total black!





Bertazzoni creates stunning total black matt finishes, thanks to a powder coating process which creates a particular textured paint finish.

This process uses pigmented powder made from resins and other materials, which is applied electrostatically and then cured at extremely high temperatures. As it heats, it flows to form a “skin”, creating an exceptionally hard finish.

You can find it on Master Series and Heritage Series range cookers.



Heritage Series          |           Master Series


Another option by Bertazzoni is the high-gloss total black. This is another unique finish, with the same process of sports car manufactures, applying multiple layers of colour by hand to the surface. The result is hard-wearing, resistant to acids and temperature corrosion. It is available in 5 high-gloss colors.

You can find it on Professional Series freestanding cookers.



Professional Series


Styling @scandinavianhomes for @eklundstockholmnewyork


Glass / Kitchen Finishes Trend #2

Another finish which is on trend now for kitchen design is for sure glass. From transparent glass to structured and frosted one, this trend follows a bigger trend in the design, which is seeing a big comeback of all types of glass. At the last Milan Design Week, for example, many brands and designers showed pieces of furniture and homeware made of colored glass, of frosted glass, even in melted glass (see Nendo for Wonderglass “Melted” Series). Consider of using glass for the upper cabinets in your kitchen!


How to choose kitchen finishes to last forever? Tip 2 

Glass can be considered a really neutral finish. If you opt for one only color for all cabinets, both for their doors and inside, you could also dare with a patterned/marbled/tiled surface for your backsplash.


design by @cetraruddy / photo via @louisephillipsforbesteam

Photo by @mccann_sthlm for @nestorfastighetsmakleri / Design by @parisforino


Call induction cooktops by Bertazzoni are made of a black glass main top. in this way, cleaning is super-easy, just spray with glass cleaner and wipe the glass surface clean.

You can find all the induction cooktops here



Ongoing project with @kitchens.se


Two-toned kitchens / Kitchen Finishes Trend #3

Last but not least, we are seeing a lot of two-toned kitchens. That’s to say, designed around two main colors/finishes, one for the upper cabinets, one for the lower ones. Another option is, one finish for the stand low cabinets, a different one for the floor-to-ceiling ones. You can work for example by pairing a vert tactile finish, such as raw wood or cement, with a matt colored surface. Also, you could match two different colors, for example black with a warm neutral, or warm white with a colder grey. Make sure to match always Matt finishes together, or glossy ones together.


How to choose kitchen finishes to last forever? Tip 3 

Working with neutrals for your kitchen cabinets is a safe choice to make your kitchen last forever. You can always be creative with details: lamps, door handles, chairs!





The built-in ovens by Bertazzoni are designed to fit perfectly into storage walls, for a minimalist and contemporary look.

Discover all the built-in ovens here.

Modern Series



This blog post has been brought to you in collaboration with Bertazzoni. As always all opinions and photos are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who support this blog!


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