INTERIOR TRENDS | 6 Instagrammable coffee shops to be inspired

by Elisabetta Rizzato

How to design an instagrammable business?

Did you know that this is one of the most asked questions to interior designers now when designing commercial spaces?

In fact, you can love of hate social media but – what’s for sure is that the growth and success of a new business now it’s strictly connected with its success on Instagram. And this depends a lot on how much people post and share about the space, since Instagram is a visual social media. That’s why interior design has a crucial role when launching any new business now, and investing in an original concept could really be the turning point.

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So, actually the real question is: what makes you take a picture of an interior and share about it? 

For sure, people are attracted by the creativity and originality of one space. Second, by its colour design – and here, colour psychology plays a key role, but also the research about what is trending and about people tastes. Last, by some small details and corners, that attract people for their coziness and their “photogenic” twist.

In this post, I collected six super-creative and intagrammable coffee shop designs to inspire you. Which one is your favorite? Share on Instagram by tagging @italianbark

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6 Instagrammable coffee shops to be inspired



A Spanish coffee shop with 12k pink sticks

This project is not a new one but, even some years after, it is still a very good example of an instagram-worthy interior design. This bakery in Madrid was designed to be unique and different: its strong identity is given by a ceiling decorated with 12.000 hanging wooden sticks in magenta, the brand’s colour. Discover more here


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A total pink pizza design in London / 6 Instagrammable coffee shop designs


Candy pink Formica surfaces help Child Studio channel the look of a 1950s cafe inside this vegan pizza place in west London.

Humble Pizza is a vegan pizza place in west London designed by Child Studio in a 1950s-inspired look. The candy pink main colour and the formica panels, in fact, are inspired by the aesthetic of the workmen’s cafes, commonly known as greasy spoons, which were popular in London in the 1950s. Read more here


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A pink matcha bar in San Diego / 6 Instagrammable coffee shop designs


With its blush pink velvet benches and a stunning bold botanical wallpaper, Holy Matcha in San Diego is the typical example of a café’s designed to be shared on Instagram during the millennial-pink craze years. Nowadays, it is still a nice example of a fun and curated coffee shop design. Read more here


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A micro caffè design in Singapore / 6 Instagrammable coffee shop designs


Other than being just a “nice and instagrammable” design, this coffee shop in Singapore is a beautiful sample of designing a very small space with character. In fact, Voids Cafe by Studio SKLIM is only 28 square metres, but thanks to the concept of treating voids as one form in the middle and to the empty walls, it looks much bigger. Discover more here





A pink pastel coffee shop in China


Basic Coffee is located in a 30sqm corner of a restored historic building in Beijing. Designed by Office AIO, the interior is designed with the pastel brand colour palette and plays around geometrical shapes, curves and their intersections. Discover more here


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A pink wonderland in Bangkok


Another example of an interior designed to be instagrammable is House of Eden in Bangkok. The “prettiest pink cafe” in the city is a real pink wonderland in rounded shapes, velvety chairs, terrazzo flooring and  instagram-worthy food and desserts. Discover more here




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