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INTERIOR TRENDS | Meet the New Nordic style

Be inspired by the New Nordic Interior Trend

Did you notice how much Scandinavian design has changed lately?

While till a few time ago when thinking about Scandinavian design we all thought about Minimalism and black and white, things are changing now. Scandinavian design, in fact, is moving in a fresh and new direction which is focused on textures, earthy pigments, sculptural shapes, and warm athmospheres. This is what we can define the new Nordic style, and we are sure this will be a huge interior trends for quite a while, because it’s absolutely beautiful.

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Curious to know more about how do bring a bit of the New Nordic mood in your home?

Enjoy our tips!

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INTERIOR TRENDS | New Nordic style Get the Look

This interior style is all about bringing coziness inside our homes. You can find several inspirations today of New Nordic style, just think for example about the latest campaigns from IKEA or HM Home, just to mention some very popular brands from Scandinavia. There are some common features that you will find in all of them: here some of them!

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HM Home


INTERIOR TRENDS | New Nordic style Color Palette

Today we are clearly moving from past “scandi” style, defined by total white and black/white, to something more nuanced. The result are spaces which are welcoming, cozy, even if they keep the clean and minimal Scandinavian signature mood. The perfect background are all the warm off-whites hues: from champagne to beige, total white has been replaced by new warm neutral colors.

If you want some pops of color, go for sage green, for dark blues and indigo, more in general for desaturated colors, which you can use instead of neutrals to create a background, or to highlights only some areas of the room.

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Home Tour: Decorating with neutrals


Home Tour: Scandinavian Interior in light blue


INTERIOR TRENDS | New Nordic style Tips & Inspirations


Tip #1 | Textured walls

As a start, do not paint your walls in smooth white anymore. Walls are now part of the decor themselves, so consider the different textures which can an interesting background your home when painting them. With a limewashed finish and micro cement you can easily add a tactile feel to any surface.

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Lotta Agaton



Tip #2 | Decorate with prints

Match prints in different sizes, strictly in neutral colors or in black and white. Go for abstract motives, watercolors, portraits and botanical subjects. Mix then different frames, in black, white, or wood, in groups, or alternatively choose only one big statement print and decorate with that. Not sure if the size and placement of the frame is correct? Before hammering on the wall, check if everything is correct by sticking some masking tape on the walls where the frames should be!

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autumn interior, olive green decor, green wall paint, living room scandinavian style, italianbark interior design blog


Home Tour: Autumn colors in Sweden


Tip #3 | Work with rugs and cozy fabrics

Another great way to bring extra texture in the home is working with different fabrics. Curtains, cushions, rugs, will add immediately a feeling of coziness inside the space. Make sure to choose natural fabrics: in the warm season light ones such as linens, in the colder season you can work with wool and mohair, for example. Opt then for shades of grey and neutrals, or muted hues and earthy ones, such as terracotta and burgundy.




Tip #4 | Add plants

In the last years, greeneries have become the main protagonists in the interior decor. I actually believe that there are never “too many” plants inside one space, so feel free to add greeneries wherever you like. Are you a black thumb instead? You can always opt for dried branches and flowers: this is another chic and refined way to decorate your home with plants!



Home Tour: Neutrals and mint green in Sweden


Tip #5 | Natural materials

Traditional Scandinavian style is all about bright and airy spaces, together with simple and natural materials. Wood is the perfect pick, both for flooring and for the furniture. You can also thing about covering one part of the walls in wooden slats, to add an extra rustic feel. Together with wood, opt for worn leather and textured stones.


decorate with pink, pink walls, pink interiors, italianbark interior design blog

Home Tour: How to decorate with pink walls



Tip #6 | Cozy lights

Lighting design plays a key role in any interior, especially in Scandinavia, where in winter daylight is really short. Scandinavians are masters in enlighten the spaces in a super natural and cozy way. The results is achieved thanks to a combination of many different light sources: other than the ceiling lights, add floor lamps, table lamps, and do not forget candles and lanterns!

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Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Alen Cordic for  Bjurfors


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