Jun 27, 2017

INTERIOR TRENDS | (Small) bathroom design trends for 2017

Top Trending Bathroom Designs For 2017. For Small Bathrooms (and Big ones)

The bathroom is quite an intimate space for most people. It has the potential to offer relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day’s work. It has also became more than a simple service room, but a place to be designed with the same importance as other rooms. Consequentially, people enjoy accentuating the design to reflect their persona or express a theme they admire. Every minute accessory has to integrate with the entire tone to create a seamless finished look that an enticing appeal. In 2017, design trend observers have noted the direction contractors and designers are modeling the bathrooms.

There are a few aspects that top the list and fit anyone looking for a chic, executive, vintage or wet look among others. Let’s see a recap the latest trends for big and small bathrooms in 4 points.

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Bathroom design trends 2017

1 | Introducing metals and exotic fixtures

The right amount of colors has the power to set the whole tune of a space. Adding gold and brass-colored accessories to a bathroom will heighten the dimension, depth, and luxury. Unlike the traditional shiny ceramic, gold or brass look finished with matte, satin of spun gold will give the space a classic yet exotic outlook. This tropical and exotic vibe is completed by adding natural green also inside the bathroom: here as well, as for the rest of the home, plants are one of the favourite ways to decorate and to add a fresh new vibe. Also, try by using rattan elements, such as bohemian baskets as planters!

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Elle decoration.se

The Guardian

Freshhome via Mad About The House

My Paradissi

I’m not Wordy

2 | Lighting the space and the furniture elements

A typical small bathroom has a sink, a mirror, and a cabinet despite its size. A vintage vanity mirror can change the whole bathroom’s appearance by adding a tone of traditionalism, or a mix&match vibe if matched with some contemporary bathroom fittings. On the other side, recent years have seen the acceleration of vanity lightings and the bathroom trend in 2017 is to go for backlit mirrors and for tailor dim lights, to improve comfort and create a rich and comfortable room. Still very popular as lighting installations in bathrooms are the use of small pendants, light bars, wall sconces. Downlighters can enhance the aesthetics of surfaces and LED installations behind glass to provide warm lighting and color, especially when in need of having a relaxed time.

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Lievore Altherr

Elle Decoration.se


3 | Fix the color scheme

An accent wall , maybe in the trendy colours of this summer season, can play a big part in setting the undertone of a bathroom. It is the focus of the space that determines how the remaining space will look after the design’s completion. A more daring homeowner can have a graphic design on the wall. Alternatively, a huge framed photo can have an equal effect as a graphic design. 2017 has also seen the emergence of using dark colors to add drama to the room. A huge contrast between the bold colors and the bathroom whites of the toilet and floor has a somber effect and an executive finish. Adding a bit of shine with gold or silver alleviates the risk of a dampened space. Not forget also the flooring colour and pattern to complete the colour scheme: patchwork tiles, encaustic tiles, rich and colourful geometrical patterns to be matched with white walls to crate a modern and wow effect.

Rebecca judd loves via Mademoiselle

Norm Architects

Studio KO via My Paradissi

Ilaria Fatone

4 | Integrate decorative items

The bathroom is now as important as all the other rooms of the home. So the attention also goes also to the accessories and items such as floral, shower curtains, mats, and vases. Additionally, one can use budget friendly items like towels that complement the bathroom’s color scheme or theme, old glass containers with flowers or wood for a vintage look and colorful bottles for lotions and other potions. Installing spherical mirrors or specially designed ones adds to the special effect desired in a room. 

Masseria Scorcialupi

Royal Roulotte


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