May 13, 2020

13 Interiors and Designs to add Nature Indoor from the A’Design Award Winners

A’ Design Award is an international design award promoting independent design from all Countries.

The winners of the 2019/2020 edition have been announced here. Congrats to all the designers who have been prized with the A’Design Award!

Today we selected 13 projects between the product and furniture design and the home interiors, to inspire you on how to incorporate nature indoor.

The biophilic trend that we already wrote about last year is getting stronger now than ever, with the Covid crisis. Biophilic design, more than just about merely adding greeneries at home, is about incorporating natural materials, natural light, vegetation, nature views and other experiences of the natural world into modern built environments. The concept behind this is that nature can really improve our well-being and that living in spaces which incorporates natural elements will have positive impacts in our daily lives.

Jump below to enjoy some really new projects that embrace, in many different ways, the concept of bringing nature indoor.

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More about the A’ Design Award



Why Apply?

There are plenty of benefits for the A’Design Award winners. First, they will receive the A’ Design A’ Design Award trophy together with the award winners’ kit. The kit includes several ways to give the best exposure to winning projects, including a Yearbook Publication, a Physical Exhibition with the winning projects, together with an extensive pr campaign. Also, for example, the inclusion in the world design rankings. Second, by being one of the most renowned prizes of design, winning the A’Design Award is a good way to gain prestige and to get new contacts with companies and design professionals. Starting from the jury of the Award, which is composed by 70 Members in total, by several design professionals, together with press members and academics.


 Who can apply?


A’Design Award is open to all designers of all nationalities. It is not just about product and furniture design, but A ‘Design Award includes 100 design categories. In fact, the award is open to all types of design, from web to graphics, from interior design to furniture, to less traditional industies.

You can find the complete list of categories at this link .


13 Interiors and Designs to add Nature Indoor

from the A’Design Award Winners


1/ Fllipping Hanger And Art Decor Coat Hangers by Marco Guariglia and Jui-Ju Lin




2/ Terry Vase by Ombretta Bellomi





3/ Moisture Humidifier by TianQing Li




4/ Rainforest Vase by Sini Majuri




5/ Haleiwa Chair by Melissa Mae Tan




6/ Bloom Succulent Dedicated Grow Box by Mert Ali Bukulmez




7/ Umai Rug by Marina Begman



8/ Light Shadow Bamboo Weave Communal Space Chair by Cao Yang studio




9/ Zen Mood House by Francisco Eduardo Sa and Felipe Savassi




10/ iPlant Flower Pot by Arvin Maleki and Ayda Mohseni




11/ H2O House House by Niroop Kumar Reddy Nallari


12/ House in Morimachi House by Toshiaki Tanaka



13/ Heart By Tree Villa House by Summer Chang Hin Cheong


Apply to the A’Design Award Here


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