Jul 20, 2020

ITALIAN DESIGN | A colorful bathroom with Cristalmood

Ever thought about the option of a colorful and transparent bathtub or washbasin for your bathroom?


Probably you did not know about this but today you can easily have this option, thanks to a new design material called Cristalmood.

Created in exclusive by antoniolupi , an Italian bathroom brand always at the forefront in the research about new materials, Cristalmood is an innovative bathroom material “resistant as stone, clear as crystal” and available in a range of super trendy colors.




Cristalmood / the Material


Cristalmood is a new generation colored resin that is made manually.

All the process include manual interventions, starting from the pouring of the resin into silicon molds. Once extracted, the objects are also finished manually by sanding them to remove all imperfections both inside and out. This makes every product unique because of its small imperfections and small differences in color and size.

Cristalmood is also characterized by extreme resistance and at the same time lightness.

In fact, Cristalmood is composed of high quality polyester resin which can be cleaned with all the most common detergents, also resisting to rubbing alcohol, acetone, oils, gasoline or diesel fuel. Thanks to the composition, objects made from Cristalmood weight about 30% less than those made with other solid surfaces.


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Cristalmood / the Colors



Another key feature of Cristalmood is color.

In fact, it is composed of high quality resin with coloring pigments inside, and the final look is colorful, transparent with a glossy finish. Already available in a range of different colors – Ambra, Petrolio, Ginger, Ocra, Nebbia, Bottiglia,Cobalto, Lime, Sangria, Fume – , lately it has also been expanded with three new colors: Ceruleo, Oleo, Gran Ecru.

The new colors are inspired by natural landscapes of Italy. In particular, by the leaves and fruits of the olive trees (Oleo), by the reddish brown color of grapes and wine (Gran cru), by the deep blue color of the sea (Ceruleo).






Cristalmood / the Products


Cristalmood is perfect to create washbasins and bathtubs with unpredicted and original shapes. Far from being simple functional elements, bathroom fixtures in Cristalmood become decorative elements which can truly make a bathroom unique.

Be inspired by antoniolupi products in Cristalmood in this gallery.



Vitreo has a unique decagonal shape and is available in 13 colors and it is able to fit different refined styles contexts




Opale , with its geometrical shape and Cristalmood structure, creates infinite reflections like a precious stone



Albume combines the lightness of Cristalmood resign with a solid base that, besides being in rising as well, can be made in Bianco Carrara or Nero Marquinia marble



Bolgheri , the latest product by antoniolupi, is born from the combination of two materials, a natural cork base and a Cristalmood sink



Reflexis the first transparent bathtube by antoniolupi made of Cristalmood and characterised by neat shapes and colours, harmony and minimalism



Asa, Nisi and Masa are the three vases designed by Calvi Brambilla and cerated entirely with Cristalmood and its ten trendy colors


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