Jun 8, 2020

ITALIAN DESIGN | New ideas to customize your Bathroom from antoniolupi design

Be inspired by these new ideas to customize your Bathroom design from antoniolupi – Italian bathroom design brand


In this period more than ever, I am happy to share about Italian brands to promote local design and made in Italy.

When it comes to quality and design, in fact, my Country has always been at the forefront, with an amazing historical heritage of craftmanship and many good samples of innovations in our industry.


Antoniolupi is one of the good samples of how history and craftsmanship can go together with design and innovation, to provide always new solutions without loosing the brands’ heritage and identity.

The Tuscany bathroom design brand, in fact, was founded back in the 50s by the visionary Antonio Lupi first as a mirror factory, then becoming with the decades one of the most known brands for bathroom furniture and design. In all these decades, antoniolupi has always distinguished itself for the ability to innovate thanks to a continuous research on new materials and technology, combined with a minimalist signature design and a trendsetting style.


Today I selected among the latest news from the Italian brand some ideas to customize your bathroom thanks to some details which makes the difference, like taps and knobs, that we tend to underestimate when make the choices for a new bathroom.


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New ideas to customize your Bathroom

from antoniolupi design

#1 / the emergency button tap : MAYDAY


MAYDAY, designed by GI-RAIronic, is a built-in wall mixer tap with the shape of an alarm bottom. To open and close it, you just have to push and pull it – and this makes the tap also really safe for these Covid-times, since you can use it also without your hands but only by using your elbows.

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Suitable for sink taps, showerheads or hand showers, Mayday can also add an original yet minimalist touch of color inside the bathroom.

In fact, it is now available in three different colors: red, graphite or white.


Mayday White
Mayday Graphite
Mayday Red



New ideas to customize your Bathroom

#2 / the rotating showerhead : AZIMUT


AZIMUT, designed by GI-RA, is a rotating showered that can be applied to the wall or ceiling, depending on your needs.

Made of stainless steel and black Derlin, it has a special 180 degrees rotating system which allows the showerhead to rotate and then direct the jet more than 180°, without loosing its clean minimalist design.



New ideas to customize your Bathroom

#3 / the faucet with seven finishes : INDIGO


INDIGO, designed by Nevio Tellatin, can be perfectly coordinated with the color choices of the entire bathroom to blend completely into the project and furnishings. Indigo, in fact, has seven different finishes: polished chrome, natural polished brass, natural satin brass, matt black, matt white, satin steel and graphite.

The shape is inspired by a stylized hummingbird, with a distinctive handle design that actually defines the image of the tap.



Indigo Brass
Indigo Matt Brass
Indigo Black
Indigo White


New ideas to customize your Bathroom

#4 / the pop tap : TANK


TANK, designed by GI-RA, is another iconic tap design by antoniolupi. Its playful and pop design is inspired by the cap of a tank, a small original detail which can add a vintage and industrial touch to the whole bathroom design.

It is a cool example of how you can personalize a bathroom with small details that make the difference, adding an unusual and sophisticated touch to the space.

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