Sep 30, 2020

ITALIAN DESIGN | Sustainable sink in recycled cork by antoniolupi

The forced stop due to the pandemic brought also some positive changes and we strongly believe one of this is an increasing awareness regarding climate change.

Sustainability has finally become a crucial value on any design launch and many brands also here in Italy are launching new eco-friendly products and collections, together with sustainable versions of their iconic pieces. A more conscious production in the furniture process, together with a clever use of innovative materials, are at the base of new exciting products in the interiors and design.

Within this context, today I am sharing with you an interesting new product by Italian bathroom design brand antoniolupi: a sustainable sink made in cork and resin.

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BORGHI / A sustainable sink made in recycled cork 


Designed by Gumdesign, Borghi is the new freestanding sink by antoniolupi that is totally eco-sustainable.

In fact, its distinctive feature is the base entirely made of recycled cork, recomposed by using only natural resins. A durable, fire-retardant, elastic, light material that does not fear humidity. Besides this, cork is also beautiful thanks to its special tactile effect, often used in interior design to create original concepts and solutions.

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BORGHI / Cork and resin 


Cork has often been used in interior design but never paired with a totally different material. what makes Borghi washbasin very original, in fact, is the combination of two antithetical materials: natural cork and Cristalmood.

We already talked about Cristalmood here: a new generation of colored resin which is the result of the most advanced technology and has a unique transparent and colorful look. Paired with the natural grain of cork, transparent resin creates a unique game of visual and tactile contrasts.



BORGHI / Inspired to Tuscany


Borghi is also the name of a small village in Tuscany, which gave the inspiration for the collection colors.

In fact, the color palette is inspired by Tuscany landscapes, with their take over the landscape: green foliage, chestnuts and mushrooms, medicinal plants, spices, bitter oranges, lemons. From here, Gumdesigntook the 3 new colors of the washbasin: Gran Cru, Oleo and Ceruleo. Three new colors with rich shades like the nature ones, perfect if paired with cork. In addition to the Natural Cork version, the base of Borghi is also available in the Toasted Cork version, with a dark brown coffee effect.

Other than these, Borghi is also available in a range of many different other colors. Discover more in antoniolupi website.



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