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7 Italian designers to Watch from the A’Design Award

Meeting seven Award winning Italian designers 


A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest annual juried design competition.

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Founded in 2009 , the Award has the aim to recognise and promote international design projects, the best of design from all Countries and in all creative disciplines.

Design categories are over 110, ranging in every field of design. Designers can apply from all the Countries, included of course Italy.

The World Design Ranking showcase the A’Design Award winning designers while dividing them into Countries. In this way, it gives an interesting overview about talents and projects from different geographical areas. I love to browse the list for finding new talents from different Countries, see their projects and learn more about their studio and works.

According to this list, Italy is one of the best Countries for the product and interior design.

Enjoy my selection of Italian designers today on the blog.

If you are a designer, do not miss this opportunity to showcase your work:

You can still apply for the late entries to the A’Design Award 2018 edition here.

MrSmith Studio is a Milan based design studio active since 2005 and founded by Marco Mascetti.  Curiosity, elegance, meaning and approachability are elements of the synthetic design process to which the Studio is committed and appreciated for. MrSmith Studio deals with industrial, furniture, lighting, packaging and graphic design. Studio members’ different backgrounds and skills contributed to build a team able to face with enthusiasm and different points of view every new project.


Embossed Nutella Jar Jar for spreadable cream

Emanuele Pangrazi developed a career in the product and furniture sectors, especially forbathroom furniture and fittings. His solutions are always the outcome of a focused formal experimentation and a solid know-how always with an original vision. He maintains that the most interesting aspect of his work lies in giving sense to the creation, by referring to It’s social context, and the other factors involved in making a good product, which are primarily cultural rather than technicals.


Catino Bathroom Collection

Libero Rutilo is the co-founder of DesignLibero studio in Milan. The studio ranges in the fields of retail, office, hospitality, residential and product design. The works pivot around four fundamental pillars: observation, innovation, functionality and environmental conscience. the inspiration comes also from a vast mix of trends, ranging from the most bizarre and advanced to more conventional and tangible.


Silhouette Collection Vase by Silhouette Collection


Enrico Azzimonti, graduated in 1993 from the Milan Politecnico in Architectureand the year after he founded his Design Studio, which presently specialises in both architectural projects and Industrial Design. In 1995 he completed a Master’s in Design & Management (Politecnico, Milan) and there after began to expand his professional activity beyond architectural projects and to cultivate his passion for Industrial Design. In 1998 he began his collaboration with the Catalan designer Jordi Pigem. His works achieved international acclaim in competitions and international trade fairs in the Italian and international trade press, and have been selected for three edition of the International Design Yearbook and for the Adi Design Index 2007. Some of his works are a part of the permanent collection of the  Museu de les Arts Decoratives in Barcelona.


Bench for BLM Group

Vincenzo Vinci is an awarded Italian designer. He is among the co-founders of Grado, a contemporary furnitures Brand based in Hangzhou (China) and Collectivo, a network of designers from several world capitals of design with the aim to offer solutions for various goods sectors.  Involved in projects in Brazil, China, Malaysia and Turkey, Vinci gained experience as project manager at different levels, he is enticed to both global needs and emerging markets. In tandem with his work, Vinci is teacher at the European Art Institute of Hangzhou and he held speech and workshop in many Universities with the purpose to promote the culture of design.


Lotus Side table

After finishing the studies in Set Design and interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy, 1998, Luca Matta starts his cooperation with his father in the Architecture 5/82 Studio in Treviso, Italy. During his time there, he developed several projects for L’Oreal Paris, Aveda Corporation, Shu Ueumura, Samsung LTD and many other well-known international brands. After 13 years, in 2011, in Treviso, Italy, in a small underground lab, LMD was born.


Stefano Bigi grew up between France and Italy. Out of this double culture, he has acquired a taste for the chic and the beautiful. After studying at Art School, he started a career in webdesign within a SSII before becoming self-employed. It was 10 years ago that he first began to sketch sofas, decorative objects, and his obsession: chairs. However, when he turned 31 he decided to live for his passion : to design furniture and decorative objects. Since 2005 he has established himself in Milan and founded his design studio.


Infinity Table

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