Sep 29, 2020

Discovering Venice secrets and Luci di Venezia ceramic collection

In this moment when traveling outside Italy has become very difficult, I feel really lucky to live very close to one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Venice.

What really surprise me about Venice is that, even if I have been there thousands times, every time I discover one new place, corner, alley, glimpse, I did not know before. That’s why I am very glad to join next week, on Thursday 1st October in the afternoon, a tour in the city to discover new secret places.


“Venezia Segreta” tour in Venice

Together with other influencers, in fact, we will be around the city, sharing our tour on social media. Our tour will be focused in finding out evocative Venetian lights – in Italian, “Luci di Venezia“.

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Luci di Venezia is also the name of the new collection launched by Italian ceramic brand Decoratori Bassanesi.

The collection includes a series of tiles, wallpapers and mirrors to decorate the interior space with precious surfaces inspired by Venetian materials and atmospheres.

While waiting to know more about the collection during our tour, I share with you some inspiring moodboards created with the different finishes of “Luci di Venezia“. Every board refers to some different interior spaces (such as hotels, boutiques, spas, homes), matching wallpapers, tiles and mirrors according to color palettes inspired by Venice.

What’s your favourite?

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