Jul 26, 2019

ITALIANBARK goes to China!


A short post to wish you happy summer before the August break and to update about some big news!

In fact, we are working on a big change that will be online from September. In addition to this, I am preparing for two big travels, one for work, one for holidays.

First, next week I am traveling to China, where I am holding a series of trend talks in some very big companies of furniture and design. I will also discuss about some projects and the launch of a series of e-courses we are working on (together with the guys of SOMA). My itinerary will include the cities of Guangzhou, Xiamen, Tianjin and Bejing. I am really excited about this opportunity and I will never get used, nor be grateful enough, about all the amazing experiences that I am living thanks to italianbark and to the people I met through this website. Also, I have never been to China, so I am really curious about visiting a Country so different from mine.


BTW: in China our social media does not work, so you will get my updates only once back! Gmail also doesn’t work, so for urgent enquiries please write to info@italianbark.com


After that, I will (finally!) take a break and leave for my holidays, for a travel we have always dreamt of. In fact, we will fly to Los Angeles and will leave for a road trip across California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada, coming back in September. We are visiting the big natural parks together with the main cities of California. Guess how many travel guides and websites I have read to plan this road trip, LOL


The blog will go on holiday in this busy August and, as always, you will find my travel updates on the Instagram @italianbarkWish you an amazing summer break!


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