Feb 19, 2021

SHOP IT | A perfect Japanese style interior in indigo blue

Be inspired by our Indigo Blue Furniture and Decor selection for a perfect Japanese style interior 


With householders seeking calm and focus amid the crisis, the indigo blue colour trend emerges to support stability and deep concentration.

While the navy blue (Classic Blue) is traditionally associated with conservatism and authority, indigo blue is a symbol of counter-culture, vibrant energy and spirituality. Reminiscent of the mystical starry skies and deep moody waters, indigo blue instills a sense of wander and promotes meditative practices. 

A hint of vibrant violet triggers creativity and dynamics characteristic for the nightclub life, contributing to the overall sense of freedom and curiosity in these mysterious dark environments.

Indigo blue has a long and diverse history across many cultures all over the world. This strong, statement shade of blue is one of those colours that never really go out of fashion. You will spot it in many forms in both rustic and contemporary interiors.


 Japanese style interior in indigo blue


A Japanese style interior design inspired by indigo

The latest interior obsession is all about bringing together two different philosophies of life (Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian Modern) and marrying them into a holy minimalist haven – Japandi

Japanese rustic, or Wabi-sabi, stands for the beauty of imperfection and celebrates a graceful decay of the objects we surround ourselves with daily. On the other hand, the Scandinavian Modern introduces modernity and streamlined finishes characteristic of the modern home interiors.

Balancing between Japanese and Scandinavian design influences, this mood board leans towards the eclectic rather than the minimalist aesthetic. Rich in texture and artisan objects, it is meant to stay warm and calm, yet feel uplifting and personal.

The comfort triumphs over form, allowing for the small daily rituals to come in focus with handmade, meaningful objects fit for everyday use.

Life as art and art for life!

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|| Be inspired by Japanese-style interiors & design:


Japanese style Interior in Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue furniture and decor / Moodboard


 Japanese style interior in indigo blue


Mood board made with SampleBoard software


Japanese style Interior in Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue furniture and decor / Moodboard



  1. Blue Dancer Ceramic Incense Holder, Rex Design | approx 30 euros
  2. Blueprint Lighting ‘Monarch’ Modern Brass + Blue Enamel 3-Arm Pendant, Chairsh | approx 1800 euros
  3. Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting, Foundry | approx 270 euros
  4. After Pablo Picasso – Women and Dove – Lithograph, 1stDibs | approx 1100 euros
  5. Indigo Eucalyptus printable set, Etsy | approx 8 euros
  6. Round rays Tray L Indigo Dyed, Mori Kougei | approx 540 euros
  7. Attolo table lamp, Vico Magistretti for Oluce | approx 900 euros
  8. Made Goods Oliver Side Table, Meadow Blu | approx 1500 euros
  9. Sofa One, Another Company | approx 3900 euros
  10.  Leighton Pillow Cover, Serena & Lily | approx 160 euros
  11. Blue and White Wave Throw Pillow Cover, Christmas Central | approx 85 euros
  12. Made Goods Oliver Coffee table, Meadow Blu | approx 2300 euros
  13. Nude Line Drawn Mug, Rex Design | approx 40 euros
  14.  Surya Granada Area Rug, Rug Studio | approx 250 euros
  15. Swoon Ottoman, Space Copenhagen | price upon request


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