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6 gorgeous African inspired decor ideas for the kids’room

Looking for some stylish Kids Bedroom Ideas?

Be inspired by the African Interior style


African inspired interior decor style is innately relaxed, warm and cosy, as you should know by now, as well as extremely conducive for creativity given the wide options of materials, patterns and colours to mix and play with. 

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We have seen already the charm of this style within the master bedroom, and elegant mix of local fabrics, soothing colours palettes and handmade pieces that recreate a timeless, sophisticated and earthy atmosphere. Well, you will be equally pleased to see how it can be the perfect design choice also for your children room,  newborn, toddlers as well as young teens. There is in fact something just so irresistible about using woven textures, eco-friendly materials, tribal or jungle patterns within your kids’ kingdom. Besides being beautiful, they will give life to a cosy space where fantasy and creativity are let loose within the warmth of a comfortable, peaceful and stimulating environment.  

Want to see how? From local hand made baskets and carpets to mud cloths’ inspired wallpapers, here is a selection of 6 African inspired kids bedroom ideas that are sure to surprise ad awe you. 


Foto 01  (credits)


|| Be inspired by African interior style:

6 Gorgeous Kids Bedroom Ideas

inspired by the African Interior style


Kids Bedroom Idea #1 / Hand woven baskets

Possibly one of the most representative and characteristic product of the African handicraft,  local baskets are just beautiful objects, so useful and versatile in the house both as storage units, as well as decorations. 

The Senegalese ones especially, made of cattail stalks and salvaged strips of colourful plastic are just the best since they are available in every colour and size and make great catch-all. They are also very light and easily movable objects and, last but not least, very resistant (a great attribute for kids’ rooms stuff!)


Photo 04 (credits)  

Photo 05 (credits) 


Note: for a unique African touch within a newborn nursery, think about the baby baskets, super original cribs that can be eventually converted in baskets for laundry, toys, books and much more.   


Photo 06 (credits)  



Kids Bedroom Idea #2 / African local rugs

You can either opt for a basic raffia carpet, which for its simplicity will fit perfectly with any kind of style and furniture, or for the more elaborated Moroccan rugs such as the Boucherouite or the Beni Ourain.  The gorgeous Boucherouite are great for a baby space: hand woven with scraps of old carpets and textiles, they are super soft, resistant and with an irresistible intricate texture that your little ones will love to touch and discover. Perfect to entertain and stimulate them! 

Beni Ourain are more sober and linear, in their delicate geometric motives, but will equally match perfectly with any pre existent style. 


Photo 07 (credits)  

Photo 08 (credits) 



Kids Bedroom Idea #3 / Jungle theme decors 

You can otherwise choose to dare with a green colour palette or with thematic mural paintings to recreate a jungle like effect. Adding some big interior plant, thematic bed lines or stuffed animal heads to display like hunting trophies, will also be very helpful to emphasize the overall “wild” effect.


Photo 09 (credits) 

Photo 10 (credits


I will admit, this is a very extreme choice that might limit any further décor development; but if used wisely, it can become a very fun and entertaining setting that your kids will surely love. 


Decor Idea #4 / African   tribal wallpapers

This is a very sophisticated option that you will adore if, like me, you love the soft tribal motives of the awesome Malian mud cloths. Look at the final effect of this black and white wallpaper, isn’t it lovely?


Photo 11(credits

Photo 12 (credits


Decor Idea #5 / Juju hats

And why not? Try adding an original and eye-catching element such as a Juju hat, the typical ceremonial crown used by the Bamileke people of Cameroon during royal meetings and councils. Just choose your favourite colours (options are endless here) and size and hung them on walls, you will love the result! 


Photo 13 (credits

Photo 14 (credits


Kids Bedroom Idea #6 / Wax linens and accessories 

Wax fabric are extremely versatile décor items: with their bright colours, beautiful patterns and endless motives, they make great home linens – like this lovely baby quilt – as well as other creative playful items, like this adorable combination of matching teepee and bunting garlands. 


Photo 15 (credits


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