Sep 27, 2019

KITCHEN TRENDS #5 | The kitchen of the future is smart and green

We already know how much important is, nowadays, to live a more environmental-friendly life. But how can we do this in our daily lives?

Interior design can really help in this sense, because it is deeply related with our daily life and habits. In fact, the choices we take when designing our interiors can have an high impact in living a more sustainable and healthier life.  The kitchen is the room of our house where we can do the most important choices to embrace a greener lifestyle, because it’s the one we spend more time in and the one with more appliances.

Luckily, thanks to technology and innovations living a more sustainable life can be really easy and effective. In this article we are sharing some amazing smart kitchen concept designs,  that will help you in building a smarter as well a more environmentally friendly kitchen.

All the kitchens appliances you will see in this article are by Italian kitchen brand Bertazzoni.


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Kitchen Trends #5

Smart kitchen concept designs for a greener life


@jaeomardesign, Dan Arnold Photography


1 | Saving energy with the new smart ovens /  Smart kitchen concept designs

Today you can cook by using only steam. The total steam cooking function by Bertazzoni, in fact, uses water vapor to cook food: thanks to this feature food is healthier and cooking is faster, so you can save energy when cooking and helping the environment. With the Steam Assist system, also, it is possible to set three different levels of steam intensity in combination with more traditional cooking modes.

In addition to this, the new ovens bring many new smart functions, such as the pyrolytic cleaning system: an ecological process based on cleaning the high temperature oven cavity that does not include the use of detergents.

Last but not least, these ovens have the wider oven cavity of the reference category, with a capacity of 76L and 5 oven levels. This means that you can cook at the same time many different dishes, by saving energy (and time, that is always precious as well nowadays!)

Bertazzoni Modern Series 60 cm Built-in oven, with total steam function


2 | Kitchen design innovations: the new fridges

Another key kitchen appliance is the fridge. Choosing the right fridge can have a high impact in our energy consumption and, as a consequence, also in saving energy and helping the environment. Efficient fridges are built with high quality materials and with details that guarantee a perfect insulation, combined with the latest chilling technologies.

Bertazzoni French Door refrigerator has a dual aircooling technology and independent Total no frost systems for the refrigerator compartment and freezer, to maintain the optimal temperature in both. The Super Freeze mode, thanks to a variable speed compressor, guarantees a 20% faster cooling cycle for fresh foods. The two stainless steel doors together with the tempered glass shelves with sealed edges guarantee a top insulation, avoiding any energy dissipation.




90 cm Bertazzoni French Door refrigerator, Professional series



3 | Quality over Quantity Smart kitchen concept designs

Last, keep always in mind the concept that, the easiest way for living a more environmentally-friendly life is avoiding waste. This can be achieved by choosing always quantity over quality, that’s to say furniture and appliances that will last over time.

Now, let us know, did you start embracing a more environmentally friendly way of living?

Bertazzoni Induction Hob, 90 cm


Design by @paullopadesigns, cabinetry by @cabinetplant, 📸 @christiantorresphoto



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