Mar 17, 2021

KITCHEN TRENDS | 5 inspiring kitchen designs in green

What is going to be the most popular color for kitchen cabinets in 2021 and 2022?


There are so many options when talking about colors in the kitchen, but for sure green is one of the favorite colors in the kitchen design.

Actually, according to researches, green in general is the second most popular favourite hue, just after blue. This happens for sure because of the good meanings that this color brings ( always associated with nature, life and seasonal renewal), but also because we actually can perceive more Greens than any other colour. In fact, green falls in the middle of the light spectrum, that’s why our eyes require very little to no adjustments to be able to see it, and be able to differentiate more shades of green than any other colour.

In addition to this, for sure these pandemic times have contributed to the rising of the green color trend in interiors, because of our craving for nature during the pandemic. On the other side, kitchens are becoming much more a multi-functional living space, where we combine preparation and consumption of food with social activities with family and friends. The central role giving to the kitchen means that its design is becoming much more essential for the final outlook of the whole interior décor, and for our well-being at home. Hence, the choice of green for kitchen design.

From soft pastel greens to the futuristic neo-mint, from dark forest green to teal, be inspired by our selection of green kitchens.

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6 beautiful Green Kitchen Design ideas

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A Kitchen design in pistachio green

Architect Murray Barker and artist Esther Stewart renovated this two-bedroom 1960s apartment in Melbourne using colours and materials that pay homage to the original mid-century interior. Murray and Stewart selected the pistachio green colour for the joinery in a nod to the original 1960s-era kitchen that it replaced. Discover more here


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A Kitchen with green, pink and terrazzo

This super creative 40 square-meters apartment in Ukraine by studio VYMIR features a beautiful kitchen with pink cabinets and a green terrazzo backsplash, together with an inspiring kitchen island with rounded shapes and vertical grooves. Discover more here


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A Green Kitchen with Scandinavian style

The Mantelpiece Loft had been purchased by a couple with two children, who were both keen to have separate bedrooms in their new home – and redesigned by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio by making a better use of the existing layout. The studio also specifically chose colours that would stand out against the loft’s otherwise white-painted surfaces. Sage green was selected for the son’s bedroom so that it appears as a “seamless block” with the kitchen below, where the cabinetry and ceiling have been painted the same shade. Discover more here


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An olive green kitchen in the nature

A sustainable family home overlooking Cook’s River in inner-Western Sydney designed from a single-storey bungalow. The designers – studioplusthree – gave the home a new lease of life, with an inherent sense of connectedness to the natural environment, by removing the addition and revealing the original form. The olive green kitchen references the natural setting, contrasted with Spotted Gum joinery and flooring. Discover more here


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A kitchen design in teal green

For a luxe five-bedroom holiday rental in Byron Bay, interior designer Melissa Bonney choose dark teal and natural wood for the kitchen design. Here, the heart is the kitchen island with its curved design and its American oak batten. Discover more here


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A kitchen design in teal green


The last green kitchen we selected is this minimalist kitchen design in the Belgian coast by local architects Carmine Van Der Linden and Thomas Geldof. To contrast the marble-topped counters, the architects choose to colour the splashback, shelving and panelled birch-wood cabinets in a shade of green that recalls seaweed and beach grasses. Discover more here


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