Apr 30, 2021

Discovering the latest CMF Trends at Interzum @home

How to stay updated with the latest trends in the furniture industry, now that traditional design fairs are not taking place?


By talking with my colleagues and readers, this is one of the most common issues we are facing during the pandemic. In fact, even if design fairs and events moved from a traditional to a digital format, the digital world is so filled with things that what is really difficult to do now is “filtering”what is really relevant.

Also, while some industries slowed down a lot because of the pandemic, the interiors and design industries got a strong acceleration. This is because we all spent much more time at home and, as a consequence, we all became much more aware of the impact that a good interior design has in our daily lives. I was writing this more one year ago, just at the beginning of this pandemic, when researching about the future interior trends driven by the Corona crisis – have a read at the article here. 

This is why I believe that filtering information, by sharing insights about the most relevant digital design events, is now more important than ever.

Personally, one of the digital events that I would recommend at present is interzum @home.

I tell you more about it in this article and will share something more on my Instagram Stories – so make sure to connect there as well!


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What is Interzum @home


Interzum is the leading event for the furniture production and interior construction industry.

Happening every two years in Cologne, this year is taking place in a digital platform rom 4-7 May 2021. The digital event platform will be open to all users 24 hours a day from the beginning of May until 3 months after the event.

The event will share the latest innovations in furniture design, interior living and the latest CMF trends, and how these are connected with macro-trends like health, neo-ecology, safety, individualisation, connectivity, urbanisation, ageing societies and “New Work“ .

Photo: Koelnmesse




Why is Interzum @home relevant for knowing the latest trends in interior design?


Interzum is a B2B oriented event, very specific in the furniture design industry. That’s why it’s the perfect one to understand the trends that will actually be in our homes with lot of time in advance, including specific ones such as CMF trends for the furniture design.

Two years ago, in fact, I visited the 2019 edition in person and I discovered many things that actually are relevant today like, for example, this report about the most innovative materials in interiors and design.





Some trend lectures from Interzum @home I recommend


The Interzum @home program is full of interesting lectures: a total of 32, with 30 speakers from ten different countries, sharing insights about the latest innovations and trends for interior design.

You can find the complete lecture program here; in my list I took note especially of these ones:


// Materials.cologne

The materials.cologne focuses is on materials and sustainability, offering a platform for the interactive and creative exchange of designers, architects, interior designers and other future-oriented professions with virtual master classes on the 5th and 6th May.

I already subscribed to the Keynote: Colour, Trends and sustainability by Karl Johan Bertilsson, the internationally known colour and design expert, who will talk about the trends that are moving us in 2021 and 2022, about their impact on design, colour and materials choices, with a special focus on their connection to sustainability.



// Trend Stage

The interzum TREND STAGE presented by TRENDFILTER® is the close-to-market platform for design-relevant trends relating to all aspects of the interior and furniture design of the next five years. This is also the place to discover everything about trends in materials and surfaces, the latest global fashions in colour, and sustainable, environmentally friendly products and concepts for the furniture of tomorrow and beyond.

I already subscribed to the talk Corona consequences: new values ​​for interior and furniture design by trend expert Katrin de Louw, who will clearly summarizes the most important trends that will remain after Corona and which trends will only be short-lived.


//Green Smart Materials

I am also mentioning the Green Smart Material lectures by the future-oriented agency Haute Innovation, that will present presents some of the latest sustainable material innovations and smart technologies. Many aspects of the transformation of the consumerist culture into a circular economy will also be examined: sustainability and digitalisation define what’s possible to achieve with future innovations.


Browse the Interzum @home lecture program here




How to join Interzum @home for free

I am so happy to share with you five voucher codes for join the event for free!

All you have to do is follow Interzum on Instagram and Facebook

and drop me a line at italianbark@gmail.com with subject: Interzum @home ticket








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