Mar 9, 2022

SHOP IT | A Danish Postmodern Living Room Idea with Periwinckle Blue

Looking for lilac furniture and decor ideas? Be inspired by this original living room design in a Danish Postmodern style


If Pantone’s digital Very Peri doesn’t strike your interior chord, we hear you! However, good luck with trying not to fall for the dreamy periwinkle blue – aka lilac furniture and decor. 

With homeowners growing cold with stark, colourless minimalist environments, all interior styles are facing a demand for fresh colour pursuits. At the moment, interior lovers with a sweet tooth for pastel palettes are going crazy over the Danish postmodern design, checkerboard pattern and funky furniture with curvy lines. 



Lilac Furniture and Decor inspired by Danish Postmodern style


Built for fun and escapism, this fresh interior expression builds a strong case for colour in interior design, resulting with a flood of inspiration washing over our Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest feeds. 

Even the most hard core minimalists out there seem to be smitten with this fresh, youthful aesthetic.

It’s been a couple of seasons now since the pastel decor style began to dominate our social media feeds. What started as the pink obsession soon became a playful playground for the entire family of pastel shades – periwinkle blue, creamy yellows, mint, coral, sweet orange and blues. Famous for its power to spark joy and induce serenity in any space, pastels build interior playgrounds of curves and organic lines, child-like motifs, chunky furniture, tubes and flutes. 

This quirky pattern-heavy look thrives in historic apartments with molding and high ceilings. Featuring pops of Memphis design, the Danish postmodern interior style feels collected, romantic and very feminine. Artistic and authentic to its core, it brings together the old with the new, plain with extravagant, elegant with cheesy, upscale with thrifted, and vintage with futuristic.

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The unsung hero of the pastel Danish postmodern interior style – the periwinkle blue – lilac color trend adds to the calm, sentimental ambience of blossoming spirits and everlasting friendships.

So much fun, isn’t it?


|| Be inspired by purple 


Lilac furniture and decor

/ Moodboard



  1. Lavender Blackout Curtain, Loves | approx 38 euros
  2. Fleur, Hello Atelier | approx 38 euros
  3. Swirl Ceiling Light, Millefiori Interior | approx 780 euros
  4. Large Box Curve Mirror, Plain Tiger | approx 121 euros
  5. Panthella Floor Lamp, Skandium | approx 785
  6. Yoji Sofa, Urban Outfitters | approx 1150 euros
  7. 1950 Coffee Table, Fleur Studios | approx 1120 euros
  8. Planter, Caudex | approx 310 euros
  9. Too Much Rocking Chair, Mas Creations | approx 8703 euros
  10. Piggy Ring Box, Wang & Soderstrom | price upon request
  11. Console x Shelf, Objects for Objects | approx 1327 euros
  12. Soft Wave Bench x Raf Simons x Kvadrat x Velour, Objects for Objects | approx 4300 euros


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