Jul 29, 2022

INTERIOR TRENDS | Bathroom Trends for a Luxurious Experience


Luxury is being able to live your life in comfort and extravagance – it does not necessarily mean that you have to live in a constant splurge of money, it simply means ensuring that your way of life gives you great comfort.

Since bathrooms are the most commonly used rooms inside your house, it only makes sense that we put in first in line when it comes to upgrading your home to become a symbol of comfort and luxury. With this, here are a few tips and tricks from upgrading bathroom vanities to decorating that would turn your boring and bland bathroom into a bathroom that will make people feel like going to the bathroom is the most luxurious experience they’re ever going to get.


1 / Warm Colors Is The Way To Go

When looking into displays of luxury whether it be extravagant boats, castles, cars, or other properties, you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common: they don’t use loud colors. Loud colors or colors that pop such as bright red, yellow, orange, and the like are commonly avoided by luxurious and elegant designs. Why? Because true luxury does not need loud colors to call the attention of the people looking at it or using it, elegance is enough to draw the people in.

Loud colors are usually associated with modern architecture and design and scream creativity more than it does luxury. To keep your bathroom looking as luxurious as it can be stick to the kind of colors you would see in castles and extravagant boats – use warm colors, earth tones, and even classic black and white. Your choice of color sets the mood and tone for the whole bathroom so it is fundamental to get the color right to make your bathroom as luxurious as it can be.

2 / Open Your Bathroom As Much As You Can

Another symbol of luxury and elegance is open space. Most of the time, buildings only have to make their furniture as minimal as possible and their open space as defined as it can be to give off a feeling of luxury – you can replicate this in your bathroom with a few minor tweaks here and there.

Although admittedly, most houses weren’t designed to have a big space delegated for their bathrooms, bathrooms in most houses are usually the smallest space in the house and tucked either at the end of the halls or at the farthest corners of the room. This is where a little creativity comes in.

If you have a spacious bathroom, ditch the usual shower curtains, wall dividers, and the like that most use to a portion of the different bathroom sections such as the shower, the sink, the toilet, etc. Flaunt that space! Stick instead to a simply elevated floor divider that still separates each portion of your bathroom but will ultimately expose the space of your bathroom.

For moderate to small bathrooms, not partitioning the sections of your bathroom isn’t something you should do to avoid accidents, the wetness of the shower area should not reach the toilet or sink area for example. With this, go with transparent dividers! Use glass dividers or faux glass clear panes to still showcase all the space of your bathroom while providing the coverage needed to partition your bathroom.

3 / If You Don’t Have Space, Mirrors Are Your Best Friend

Sticking to the concept previously established that space equates to luxury, comfort, and extravagant, you can give off the illusion that your bathroom is spacious if it doesn’t have that much space! Instead of using artwork, quilts, and some of the usual decorative pieces one can usually find in a bathroom, you can replace these with mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors.

Mirrors are the go-to decorative piece to make your bathroom give off the illusion of having more space than it actually has. It’ll make your bathroom look big and comfy while also making it more convenient for the users because one of the uses of the bathroom is for everyone to prepare and freshen up. Put in one to four mirrors and your bathroom will look luxurious in no time.


4 / Play With Textures

To make your bathroom look luxurious, the key here is to not fill it with cutesy decorative pieces or wall pieces that you can fill up the walls and floors with. However, you might be hesitant to do this because it will make your bathroom dull and boring right? Not even having just a smidge of decoration may seem off. This is where textures come in.

Although you can’t decorate with physical pieces, using other paint colors or materials to put textures on your walls, ceiling and door will give your bathroom the hint of decoration that you’ve been looking for. Compare 2 or 3 different wall textures that go together and complement each other and add them to your wall to give it a classy feel.

5 / Don’t Overcrowd Your Bathroom Sink

We know that it’s handy and convenient to keep everything you use in the bathroom near your sink. Toothbrushes, your deodorant, and a basket or two of skincare? Keeping it at arm’s length when you’re using all of those in the sink means a hassle-free pampering experience. While it may be convenient, it adds to the visual clutter of your bathroom and doesn’t exactly give off the luxury vibes that we’re going for. To make sure this doesn’t happen, make sure that you have hidden compartments either under your sink or in a cabinet near the sink to hide away all your bathroom essentials.

The key here is to use cabinets, and containers that have covers. Do not go for that cute basket on Etsy with no lid that still lets the bathroom users see all your clutter, go for closed containers and storage spaces to put in all your bathroom essentials so that the only ones who know that it’s there are you and your family. Trust us, making your bathroom look as clean and minimalist as possible by removing any visual clutter already gives your bathroom the luxurious top it needs without any other alterations.


6 / Keep It Clean

Last but not least, it may sound like a no-brainer, but cleanliness needs to be emphasized when we’re thinking of luxury. Do you ever notice an unclean castle? Nope. A luxurious lifestyle is synonymous with a well-maintained lifestyle. By incorporating luxury in your bathroom design, you need to keep in mind that it must also be well-maintained. Make sure you do surface cleaning at least once a week and a round of simple deep cleaning once a month to maintain the luxurious feel of your bathroom.

Make sure to use the right cleaning supplies for every surface you’re cleaning as bathrooms have different surfaces and each requires a different kind of soap, cleaner, brush, and the like. Clean properly and routinely and you’ll see how everyone who uses your bathroom whether it be members of your household or visitors will all be commenting on how at ease and comfortable they are whenever they are using your bathroom – and that’s when you’ll know you’ve achieved luxury status!


The Bottom Line

Your bathroom is now ready to become the model and spitting image of luxury. Once you’ve done all our tips and tricks, you’ll definitely see the difference between your old and plain bathroom. To make sure that you’re not spending too much, we recommend just going to your local home depot or household supply warehouse near your community as the employees and people who work there have professional opinions and can offer you the insight you need on colors, textures and the right kinds of mirrors to put in your bathroom and even make it waterproof!

Luxury is the state of comfort, elegance, and extravagance. These words may not go with other words such as budgeting, DIY and simple especially since we’ve come to know being extravagant as being an extremely costly way of living. Extravagance means buying the most expensive things, buying too much, and even going for unneeded additions. 

However, these tips and tricks show that wanting your home and bathroom to look luxurious doesn’t have to mean shelling out a truckload of money for costly renovations. With the right eye and mindset, you can remake your bathroom to look as luxurious as it can and it’ll certainly be a pleasurable experience using it for your household members and visitors.


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