Oct 29, 2015

LX Factory : an hipster paradise and the coolest area of Lisbon

What is the LX Factory in Lisbon

The LX Factory is the most hipster area of Lisbon. 

I’ve listed it in my Lisbon Design Guide as one of the places in Lisbon to visit if you are a design enthusiast because it is an entire complex dedicated to creativity. LX Factory is also my favourite hotspot in Lisbon.

LX Factory is a cultural center with a surface of 23.000 square meters. The complex contains design shops, concept stores, cool restaurants, cozy cafés, ateliers and workspaces for creatives, coworking offices and locations for events.

LX Factory is located in Alcantara, under the fascinating red Ponte de 25 de Abril. The complex is the result of a requalification of a dismissed industrial area, which started in 2008. Indeed, in the past this was one of the most important manufacturing districts of Lisbon.

|| Read here the full Lisbon Design Guide 


lx factory, lx factory - lisbon design guide- ITALIANBARK
LX Factory in Lisbon


Cos’è la LX Factory a Lisbona ?

LX Factory è oggi la zona più trendy (e decisamente hipster) di Lisbona. 

Ho inserito LX Factory nella guida al design di Lisbona perché è una zona davvero interessante e imperdibile per chi ama il design. Un vero concentrato di creatività, oltre che la mia zona preferita della città. 

LX Factory è un centro creativo 23000 metri quadri. Il complesso ospita negozi di design, concept store, ristoranti originali, café dal sapore vintage, assieme a studi oltre ad atelier e studi di creativi e spazi per ospitare eventi.

LX Factory si trova al di sotto del rosso Ponte de 25 de Abril. Il complesso è il risultato di una riqualificazione intelligente iniziata nel 2008 di un’area industriale dismessa. 



lx factory, lx factory - lisbon design guide- ITALIANBARK

lx factory - lisbon design guide part 2


Best shops in Lisbon LX Factory

LER DEVAGAR Bookstore, Lisbon LX Factory

Ler Devagar in Portoguese means “Read Slowly”. This bookstore in Lisbon LX factory was named as one of the 10 most beautiful bookstores in the world.

You just can’t miss this unique bookstore if you are looking for the best shops in Lisbon. The interior is a huge open space filled with high bookshelves and antiques machines, connected by two mirrored stairs. In the middle of the space, you can find the original big printer, which was transformed into the bookshop cafè. Indeed, this space preserved its original industrial charm of a real factory

(Unfortunately, my iphone switched off just when we wore in this bookshop! Trust me, in person looks much better) 

Ler Devagar Bookstore-lx factory-lisbon-design-guide



Ler Devagar bookshop at LX Factory in Lisbon

LANDEAU chocolaterie

This chocolaterie sells the best bolo de chocolate of Lisbon. In a beautiful interior setting, with a rustic vintage mood

LANDEAU chocolaterie, LX Factory Lisbon

LANDEAU chocolaterie, LX Factory Lisbon

LANDEAU chocolaterie, LX Factory Lisbon
LANDEAU chocolaterie, LX Factory Lisbon

CAFE NA FABRICA brunch in Lisbon

As soon as you enter the LX Factory, you find this super nice coffee shop. It has a beautiful outdoor garden, where you can enjoy a drink during the warm Lisbon’s summer evenings. The interior preserves the original look of the “factory”, with its industrial mood full of original details.

Cafe Na Fabrica at LX Factory is also the perfect place if you are looking for a good brunch in Lisbon.


cafe na fabrica lx factory, brunch lisbon
Cafe na fabrica, LX Factory Lisbon

cafe na fabrica lx factory, brunch lisbon-2

lisbon-design-guide-ITALIANBARKblog (12)

Enjoy more images of the LX Factory in Lisbon

lisbon-design-uide-LXfactory- ITALIANBARK blog (2)

lisbon-design-uide-LXfactory- ITALIANBARK blog (3)




lx factory - lisbon design guide- ITALIANBARK


All images ©italianbark by Elisabetta Rizzato




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