Jul 5, 2017

What’s the world’s Favourite Colour? It is called Marrs Green

Keep in mind this new colour, “Marrs Green“. I’m sure we will hear again about this.

This colour hue, a dark teal between blue and green, was actually revealed as the World’s Favourite Colour.

The research was held by paper company G. F Smith G. F Smith  supported by Hull City of Culture 2017 and design agency Made Thought, with more than 30,000 submissions from over 100 countries via an online poll (I took part on it!).

The campaign enlisted also designers such as Max Lamb, Bethan Laura Wood, Richard Woods, Camille Walala, and Mulberry creative director Johnny Coca, who each selected their own favourite colour.




The winner was Marrs Green: a colour that takes the name from its  creator, Annie Marrs, a fine arts graduate from Leisure and Culture Dundee who will have her colour added to G . F Smith’s Colorplan paper range. Annie was inspired while creating this beautiful teal hue by the  blue, grey and green tones that can be seen on River Tay surface.

The result is also on show in a temporary installation called “The Paper City” in Hull until 9 July.

Every time is a good time for some inspiration in teal, so let’s enjoy some more today!


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Be inspired by Color Trends on ITALIANBARK :

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