May 6, 2019

INTERIOR TRENDS | How to embrace Maximalism in your home

Maximalism was for sure one of the key interior trends from Milan Design Week 2019.

In fact, there is a new design philosophy which has popped out in the last times and it’s totally opposite to the minimalism. A playful and maximalist aesthetic, where the “More is More” are the key words. As seen also at the Milan Design Week 2019, even the Scandinavians are daring with new colours, layers and materials, embracing (even in small doses) a bit of maximalism.

Maximalism is all about bringing fun into our homes by playing with colours, patterns and textures. But how to add a hint of maximalism in our homes, without the risk of having a kitch effect?




How to embrace the Maximalist trend in your home

Experts recommend to work starting with a clean palette, with one bold colour and then layer upon that. Same with patterns: choose a bold one to be a focal point, then work from that.

Another tips is to choose a theme and work around that. One reference for maximalism decor could example be the Art Deco style, that is having a really big comeback lately (do you remember that I was predicting about the Great Gatsby style four years ago, in this post?). A strong and elegant style, referring to the Roaring Twenties and made of precious materials (i.e. stainless steel, chrome, mirrors, lacquer, exotic wood, rare marbles) plus decorative layers of artworks, wallpapers, mirrors.


Skinwall at Salone del Mobile 2019


Embrace maximalism using Wallpaper

The key element for any maximalist decor is wallpaper. Wallpapers had a huge comeback lately, for they instant impact and wow effect. So the easiest way to embrace the trend is going for a bold wallpaper, then working starting from that with adding more elements.

Choose engaging patterns with macro motifs, natural-inspired and exotic patterns, optical motifs; patterns could also be inspired by architectures, with arches and perspectives, or influenced by the Eastern culture.

Here a gallery of stunning wallpapers  Skinwall Dream Wallpaper latest collection, called Suite Collection. Skinwall is an Italian brand that produces and sells interior decoration elements, in particular digitally printed wallpapers created on a variety of supports.

Add another layer with statement mirrors

As I was saying on top, in a maximalist decor layering is everything. So, after choosing your wallpaper, a smart way for adding a new layer is to work with a statement mirror.

This will immediately add a new perspective and deepness into the room. In addition to this, a mirrored finish works great with almost every pattern, so it’s a great idea to match a mirror with a wallpaper for a wow effect.

Together with the new wallpapers, Skinwall launched at the last Salone del Mobile a collection of six mirrors to complement the wallpaper decor. Six different geometric shapes and finishes, to have fun by mixing and matching them with patterns and colors.


Discover more by Skinwall here

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