Milan Design Week 2019 News and Trends for 2020 / Trendbook + Webinar

by Elisabetta Rizzato

N/T is the Trendbook by ITALIANBARK

Published once a year, N/T is the Trendbook which forecasts the top design and interior trends for the following year.

N/T is written by our team after the Milan Design Week, which is the main design event at present on a global scale.

N/T features the most interesting news and trends we spotted at the event, new designers, colors, materials, to inspire you for all the following year.

The eBook is totally unsponsored and independent.





N/T is a Trendbook of news and trends from Milan Design Week 2019, the biggest international interior and design event of the year, which includes Salone del Mobile furniture fair and Fuorisalone.
The publication is an independent and non-sponsored recap of the most interesting news from MDW and a forecast of the upcoming trends in interiors and design.
The eBook consists of almost 200 pages of design news, including the most beautiful installations, new collections from well-known brands, new designs by young designers and new brands. The publication also includes a full report about the latest trends spotted in Milan, with a selection of colours, materials, patterns and a special chapter dedicated to circular design. N/T is intended for all design-lovers and design professionals.

Everything you should know about the project

Why a book about the Milan Design Week?

Milan Design Week is currently the most important Design and Furniture showcase of the year.

Located in Northern Italy, it’s a global design event including design industries from all over of the world, which takes annually for one week in April. Milan Furniture Fair 2019 took place in April 9th-14th.

Due to its international acclaim, Milan Design Week is the best event to spot the latest news and trends in interior and design.

Why is this not only about Milan Design Week?

The Milan Furniture Fair, indeed, reveals the biggest design trends for the future, because in Milan design and furniture brands present their new collections for the first time and independent designers showcase their works.

That’s why this publication is not just about the most recent Milan Design Week, but about what will be next in interiors and design for the following years.


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Exactly What you get :

✓ 174 pages

✓ 15 sections

✓ 6 exclusive interviews to International designers

✓ 200+ designs, including established brands, new brands and new design talents

✓ the top 4 macro trends to know now

✓ the latest colours + materials + patterns/shapes for interiors and design

✓ the 5 best installations from Milan Fuorisalone 2019 with original photos

✓ the innovative products, design and materials from this year

The eBook is in English.

Among N/T #2 contents you will find:


  • More than 200 new designs, including the first chair designer through A.I., a 3D printed ceramic, a folding television, a series of volcanic tiles..
  • A special part dedicated to circular design
  • The colours that rocked during MDW2019, with more than 40 new designs divided into colour palettes
  • 4 moodboard illustrating 4 macro trends
  • The patterns and shapes that will inspire you throughout all the year
  • The young designers to meet now
  • The coolest exhibits and installations from the last Fuorisalone in Milan
  • An interview to a top Israeli designer, to a Finnish one, a British one, to an Italian master, to a young designer, to a French designer and engineer
  • A special treat for you to join our new trend webinar
  • ………….


Is this eBook right for me ?

This eBook is for you if:

  • you work in the design industry, and want to be inspired for your work and stay updated with the latest news and trends on interiors and design
  • you work in design communication, as a source of research for your articles
  • you attended the Milan Design Week but had a feeling there was “too much” to see and to note
  • you could not attend the Milan Design Week and want to stay updated with it
  • you don’t care about Milan Design Week, but want an overview about the current state of the furniture/interiors/& design industries and what will be next
  • you purchased the N/T #1 and loved it
  • you didn’t purchase the N/T #1 and are curious about it

N/T is a tool for design professionals and design lovers, to be inspired and stay updated with the most current news and trends.

This eBook is NOT for you if:

  • you are looking to read long texts, because this eBook is mainly about images, brief texts and LOTS of designers names, brands, and details
  • you are looking for a book in Italian, or in any languages other than English, this publication is NOT for you. But, please note that N/T is  absolutely easy to read for non-English speakers because, as I already said, there is not a lot of text
  • you don’t love design 😛


Why the cost of the book?

The project is totally independent and self-financed, making it free of sponsors and advertising.

N/T stands for ‘News/Trends’ and also for ‘No Thanks’. The small cost of this publication is set to cover part of the expenses, including original photos, graphic layout, tools for publishing, contributors, and editing.

If you are thinking that the final cost is cheap, compared to the content value of what you will get (and yes it is, trust me), so thinking there must be a catch….well, I invite you browse the blog to learn more about how we work.

N/T IS THE TRENDBOOK BY ITALIANBARK. N/T second issue follows the very first release published after Milan Design Week 2018, that was sold in almost 100 Countries, truly forecasting what we are seeing now in interiors and design.

OK: you convinced me!

How will I get the eBook ?

There are two ways to get the Trendbook:

  • Purchasing it alone at the cost of  €19.50*


Quick notes about how to purchase:

You will get the Trendbook via email as a pdf to be downloaded. After you place your order and the payment is completed, you’ll get then an email with inside the link to download the book directlyThe link is unique, linked to your order and personal, and it is striclty forbidden to share it in any ways.

You can pay with Paypal or credit card. By clicking the “proceed to Paypal” button you will be redirected to a page where you can also add your credit card details even if you don’t have a Paypal account. Otherwise, you can also pay via bank transfer.

Feel free to contact me at the e-mail for any enquiries. Thanks for your interest!

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Bonus nr 2

Together with the eBook you will get a special discount to access to our new Trend Webinar about the Milan Design Week

Discover the new Trend Webinar by ITALIANBARK + SOMA

Our Trend Webinars will be covering the main European design fairs and the circular design theme starting from the Milan Design Week 2019.

Our webinars are totally unsponsored and independent.

Something more about myself and the blog

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I’m a licensed Architect and currently work through my interior design studio in Italy, as creative director for ITALIANBARK and as content creator for brands and companies in the design and interior industry. I also visit European design fairs on a regular basis to keep me updated with the latest news and trends for my design works and the blog. Read more about ITALIANBARK here

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