May 2, 2023

4 new Trends from Milan Design Week 2023

The Milan Design Week is the biggest design event of the year.


Both as a trend researcher and as an interior designer, every year for me is a huge source of inspiration and a way to update about what’s next.

I spent most of the last week in Milan – but days look like they are never enough, since the event in the city this year was even bigger than previous ones. Maybe too much, to be honest. Salone del Mobile instead was easier to be visited – together with Euroluce and its new flowing layout.

I’m sharing some trends I noticed at Milan Design Week 2023 in this post and in the next ones – you can find more in my Instagram @italianbark, in the new Trend Talks in collaboration with Stefan Nillson and  in the new Trendbook: MDW23 Trends.


4 new Trends 2024




Trend 1

 / Glass \

Milan Design Week 2023 trends


Fully recyclable, glass can also be extremely decorative thanks to colours, to hammered or milky finishes,  that convey new tactile effect to an originally transparent material. 


masiero-ph alberto eger

glas italia -ph alberto eger

kartell -ph alberto eger

gandiablasco -ph alberto eger

slamp -ph alberto eger


Trend 2

 / Wild nature \

Milan Design Week 2023 trends


Nature is still one of the main inspiration for designers and become wilder at this Milan Design Week. Dry flowers, moss, straw, wild bushes – used both in the stands and in the city, as part of a raw decoration of antique buildings.


flos – ph alberto eger

ethimo – ph alberto eger

la manufacture


Trend 3

 / Mirrored \

Milan Design Week 2023 trends

Mirrors and reflective surfaces – to be used on ceilings, as partitions, on kitchen cabinets, on the furniture – or simply as decorative elements.


Maria Vittoria Paggini ph Carlotta Coppo


MoscaPartners – DesignVariations2023 ph Ruy Teixeira


Trend 4

 / Curtains \

Milan Design Week 2023


A trend already spotted in Stockholm, curtains are the new room dividers: they can provide privacy and divide the space into different functions, without blocking the light and at the same time by adding texture.


luca nichetto x mohd

federica biasi x gervasoni



This is just a small part of my Milan Design Week trend report.

Full insights in the premium trend program here

and in the Trendbook: INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2024 from Milano



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