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ITALIAN DESIGN | 5 surprising minimalist designs for Your Bathroom

Are you looking for some ideas for a minimalist bathroom design?

Today I am showing you 5 surprising products for a perfect minimalist style for your bathroom. A sleek and clean bathroom can be a really good choice in terms of style, but it’s not that easy to be designed as it might seem. In fact, the risk of choosing a very minimal style without doing accurate choices is to get a really cold and unpersonal result. To avoid this, one of the tips is for sure to choose carefully your fixtures and accessories. Since you will have just a few elements, focusing on their design is essential to get a final look that will not disappoint you.


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I selected five top pieces for the bathroom from Italian brand antoniolupi, for a sleek, minimalist and contemporary look.

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5  Minimalist Bathroom Designs



GRAVITA’ | Minimalist Bathroom Design


Gravità is a minimalist clothes hanger designed by Davide Vercelli. 

The design is inspired by the aesthetics of a simple gesture such as the rotation, with two simple elements balanced together. The hanger can be composed by a cylinder and a parallelepiped or alternatively by two cylinders, a flexible solution which can be used in the bathroom but also in the rest of the house. Available in oak wood finish, natural or dark.




ATELIER | Minimalist Bathroom Design

ATELIER is a furniture collection for the bathroom designed by Mario Ferrarini.

A clean and rigorous design, defined by the combination of really few elements. The composition is enhanced by a decorative element in the door, an aluminum profile with a wooden front which -depending on how it is positioned- creates a groove or handle with a graphic sign. The handle can also be placed vertically or around all the four sides. Atelier is available in all wood types and in the full range of antoniolupi lacquered colors, including the six brand new colors Veneziano, Pompeiano, Vino, ProfondoBlu, Vespa and Lambretta.

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PLISSE’ | Minimalist Bathroom Design

PLISSE’ is a freestanding sink designed by Paolo Ulian.

Plissè features a minimalist and solid design, softened by parallel signs that run lengthwise down the surface. The reference is to the world of textiles, with a vertical pattern of a pleated fabric on the whole surface of the sink. The concept is inspired by the beauty of the imperfections which comes by working the high thicknesses of marble with a waterjet cutting technology, but the sink is now created with Flumood, a very new material developed and patented by antoniolupi.




MAYDAY | Minimalist Bathroom Design

MAYDAY is a minimalist mixer tap designed by GI-RA.

MAYDAY is the built-in wall mixer tap that takes the shape of an alarm bottom. With its ironic and fun style, it gives a very original touch with a really clean and minimalist design. MAYDAY is suitable for sink taps, showerheads or hand showers, and available in red or in graphite finishes.




AZIMUT | Minimalist Bathroom Design

AZIMUT is a minimalist showerhead designed by GI-RA.

AZIMUT is the perfect minimalist showerhead, as it is composed buy one only element, a clean cylinder. This element, thanks to a special rotation, can rotate of 180 degrees so it can be placed on the wall or on the ceiling, depending to someone’s needs.