Oct 8, 2020

INTERIOR TIPS | Minimalist Floor Tiles Ideas to renovate home

In the latest times of crisis we have been seeing a raising interest towards everything concerned to a minimalist approach to life. Clearly more than a trend, minimalism is a mindset and somehow it became a necessity, in times of pandemic.

Far from being just related to something visual, in fact, minimalism is first about eliminating clutter, about more conscious habits as a consumer, about purchasing less by making more sustainable choices. As we were saying in the article about the New Minimalist Trend , in interiors and decor this can be translated by choosing things with a meaning, that matters to us and that can enhance our well-being, physically and mentally. The new approach, far from the “visually pleasant” absence of things of the 90s, translates in tactile materials, handmade objects, sustainable choices.

When renovating home or designing a new one, a minimalist approach starts from sure from the choice of finishes and materials. Today we are sharing some tips and collections to inspire you when choosing the tiles for floor or wall covering in order to get a clean and minimalist final look in your home, in collaboration with Italian ceramic brand Casalgrande Padana.


5 Minimalist Floor Tiles Ideas & Tips


Tip 1 / Choosing a large format tile


Large format tiles allow you to maintain a minimalistic character of interiors. In fact, by reducing the tiling grouts, the final surface is more clean and uniform, making the room bright and minimalistic. Extra large sizes are one of the most important trends of the ceramics sector in recent years, meaning those tiles with a size over the 60×60 cm ones.


Architecture by Casalgrande Padana

A collection of latest generation porcelain stoneware slabs, oriented towards the world of architecture and design



Tip 2 / Choosing a concrete effect


Concrete lately has become more and more synonymous with minimalism. However, the clean and modern result of a concrete flooring makes it also very versatile, making it the perfect background for a variety of different styles of decor, from the Scandinavian to the industrial ones. To balance the cold feel of concrete, don’t forget to add some elements in a warm finish: natural wood, for example, always looks beautiful together with cement. If you love how concrete looks, on the market there are many beautiful ceramic collections with a super realistic concrete effect, that could be a smart alternative to a flooring in concrete.


Beton by Casalgrande Padana

Concrete effect porcelain stoneware tiles to create contemporary and sober spaces



Concrete effect porcelain stoneware slabs characterized by neutral shades



5 minimalist floor tiles ideas& tips

Tip 3 / Choosing concrete in warm colors


Another smart way to avoid the “cold” look of concrete is choosing a warmer shade of concrete effect tiles. Beige finishes have always been associated with a classic and conservative kind of look, however lately they have become again on trend for its warm and natural feel perfect for an interior inspired by the New Minimalist style.

Anyways, beige is available in a multitude of tints, from cream , to tan, butter. etc, and it’s not that easy as it looks to find out the perfect colors to match with it. To find out the tint which matches well with the beige you choose, the tip is to find out the underlying hints by putting a piece of white paper near a beige tile under the sunlight. In this way, you will see if the beige you choose is made of warm undertones or cool ones, so you will go for a warm palette in the first case (example, made or browns, reds, earthy colors) or a cool palette in the second case ( made of blues, lilac, ..). If you are still unsure, you can always choose a kind of greige finish, which is a mix of beige and grey.



R-Evolution is the collection in concrete-effect porcelain stoneware with many different colors and mat finishes



Tip 4 / Decorating tone on tone


Embracing a minimalist approach in interiors doesn’t mean you have to cut all kind of decoration. In fact, you can always choose a tone-on-tone pattern to underline one corner/wall: you can play with simple geometries, like stripes and mosaics, but also with more creative patterns such as optical ones.




Tip 5 / Details


Anyways, what really makes the difference in a minimalist style interior where elements are reduced to the minimum is the attention towards details.

When choosing a tiled covering, this means for example deciding before where to start with the tiling installation, in order to have the less grouts you can without cutting tiles, and designing where grouts are so they can fit with the other elements of the space. For example, in the image below, the glazed surface of the shower exactly stands where the tiles connect.





5 minimalist floor tiles ideas& tips

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