Nov 4, 2021

SHOP IT | Modern living room in Olive Green

A Modern Living Room decor with Olive Green: be inspired by our selection


With Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, PPG and Farrow & Ball all announcing different shades of green paints to be their colours for 2022, there’s no doubt we are in for a season of simplistic, nature-inspired interior images popping up across the industry. Even though each of the colours mentioned above feels on point if we are talking about interior trends for 2022 we believe there is one more shade of green that needs to be brought into the spotlight – Olive green.

To be fair, olive green is more than a trend. It’s a forever-in-style design icon, powerful enough to bring depth and a sense of elegance into any space. 


Decorating with olive green

Olive green can double as both an accent colour and a neutral, and, depending on the environment, either make the space more relaxed or give it a spark. Versatile enough to feel at home in any of the popular interior styles today, olive green is often featured in mid-century modern, rustic farmhouse, retro, Scandi or even traditional interiors. 

Other than being a team player, what makes olive green feel so appealing in 2022 is its ability to signal hope for renewal in the struggling post-pandemic world. Being closer to nature and protecting the planet are becoming increasingly important, and the interior colour palettes follow the pulse of society.

|| Be inspired: How to decorate with olive green



Modern living room design in Olive Green


Security, grounding and tranquillity, with a lot of charm – this is how I would describe this reminiscent living room mood board. Or maybe a subtle throwback to the Japanese design, with strong Scandi bones and a 70’s soul?

For a sophisticated ambience, I introduced velvet, a marble lamp and some elegant black accents. The rug, coffee table and pendant are there to dial up the texture and warmth introduced with warm wood tones. It’s some kind of vintage meets retro, meets contemporary aesthetic, and I just love it! How about you?


|| Be inspired by green:


Olive green furniture and decor

/ Moodboard



Olive green furniture and decor

/ Shoplist


  1. Hilja curtains, IKEA | approx 11 euros
  2. Zero Track Find me 1 with 4 spots Ceiling Lamp, Flos | approx 1500 euros
  3. Beach digital print, Heirloom Print Shop | approx 4 euros
  4. Vintage Seascape digital print, Heirloom print shop | approx 4 euros
  5. Split Sage Bateau, Ashleigh Holmes | approx 1500 euros
  6. Caleo 23 Pendant Lamp, Le Klint | approx 975 euros
  7. Carmo sofa with lounging unit, Bo Concept | approx 4500 euros
  8. Dark olive green velvet pillow cover, Epic Pillow Studio | approx 8 euros
  9. Handcrafted vase, Madeline Moore | price upon request
  10. Colony large coffee table, Miniforms × Skrivo Design | approx 2500 euros
  11. Legacy armchair, Domkapa | price upon request
  12. Lorena Canals woolable rug – Almond Valley, Amara | 420 euros
  13. 591 Sculpture table lamp small – grey marble, Vipp | approx 470 euros


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