Mar 7, 2022

OUR PROJECTS | How to design a Modern Mediterranean living room

Inspired by Italian style interiors? Discover more about the Modern Mediterranean style interior design in this post.


Inspired by the Mediterranean regions, this style is a modern take on traditional Italian mediterranean style. 

Traditionally, in fact, Mediterranean interiors are known for white and blue shades and also ornamental patterns. The Modern Mediterraneo , actually,  is about adding a new modern and minimalist twist to this traditional style, by working with tactile materials, traditional shapes and warm neutrals.

Today I am sharing with you some tips for a Modern mediterranean interior – by showing you the project proposals for a villa interior renovation in Sardegna, Italy.

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A Modern mediterranean style interior design

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This layout  is part of an holiday villa in Sardinia for a family of three, that we are renovating both for the clients to spend their holidays and to be rented as a bed&breakfast.  The ground floor is occupied by a double height salone and another living room, a traditional style kitchens and some rooms, while in the attic floor there are two other bedrooms, a studio and another bathroom.

The client wants a contemporary style, but we didn’t want to miss the special Mediterranean look of the space.

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Modern Mediterranean interior design for an holiday Italian villa in Sardegna – Moodboard



Modern mediterranean style interior design / Tip 1

The first key feature of Modern Mediterranean interiors (indoors and outdoors) is brightness. To make sure you don’t miss this feature, it is crucial to: 

  • Pay particular attention not to insert elements that could block natural light access into indoor spaces;
  • Choose the right colors, for example, white and white lime,
  • Choose natural materials such as light fabrics


Salone restyling proposals for an holiday Italian villa in Sardegna


Modern mediterranean style / Tip 2

To get the perfect Modern Mediterranean style, the secret is to combine a minimalistic approach and modern shapes with materials typical of the Mediterranean tradition. These may include for example:

  • majolica, ceramics, azulejos and zellige: the Mediterranean tradition is full of glazed and hand-decorated tiles
  • less decorated ceramics such as terracotta ones
  • wrought iron, raw and rustic woods to create rustic accents;
  • rope and other rough fabrics to enhance the tactile look and feel.

In this project, I proposed different tiling solutions, all based on a white&blue palette. 


Entry room+salotto proposals for an holiday Italian villa in Sardegna


Modern mediterranean interior design / Tip 3

White has always been the main protagonist in Mediterranean interiors, becoming a real code that we associate with an idea of visual relaxation, of cleaning the eyes and the mind. 

To embrace a Modern Mediterranean style, traditional Mediterranean is revamped with a minimalistic approach that manages to keep the same cozy and relaxed mood. To do so, you should focus on warm neutrals and beige, by replacing pure white with warmer neutrals, for a cosier and warmer feeling.

If you are looking to incorporate some other colors, the reference is to natural colors. For example:

  • colors referring to the Mediterranean countryside such as ochre, sand, khaki and olive green
  • colors referring to the sea, like turquoise, Maya blue, Klein blue, ocean blue.

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Colors + Materials Board


Modern mediterranean style / Tip 4

This style is not about choosing just modern and straight lines, instead it is about incorporating organic and rounded shapes. In fact, other than embracing the latest trend of the curved furniture, this choice has a dependent reason: to remind Mediterranean vernacular culture, that was defined by organic and irregular shapes.

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Another inspiration for furniture design definitely comes from the outdoor design. In fact, due to the Mediterranean warm climate, outdoor spaces have primary importance when designing homes and we can see how typical features from outdoor design influences indoor design. In this project, for example, I choose many furniture elements that can be used both indoor and outdoor. 


Salone Furniture selection


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