Nov 30, 2020

INTERIOR TRENDS | How to get the Modern Rustic Italian interior style

Are you dreaming about an Italian farmhouse styled home?

Be inspired by our tips for an Italian modern rustic style interior.


When you think about Italian interiors, you will probably have in mind images of rustic and warm homes in Tuscan style. Maybe of those Tuscan farmhouses with stoned walls and terracotta floorings, surrounded by nature. Well, you are not wrong: rustic style in Italy is still quite common, but the present trend is to give it a modern twist with a minimalist approach. The Italian farmhouse style goes now minimalistic – we can define it the Italian modern rustic style – and I am sure you will love it.

In this article I’m giving you five tips to decorate in a modern rustic Italian style, together with some beautiful projects from Italy to take as inspiration.



italian style trends

|| Be inspired by Italian interiors & design:


INTERIOR TRENDS | Modern Italian Rustic Style

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Modern Italian rustic Style /Get the Look

To get an Italian rustic decor you should start from a neutral and warm palette. Natural hues of warm whites, cream, beige, are blended together with browns and earthy colors, creating a welcoming and cosy space. Bright color accents may also be incorporated with few elements, even if this style is more about playing with texture and materials than playing with colors.  style is more about earthy colors such as caramel, terracotta, to give a cozy and welcoming feeling.






Modern Italian Rustic Style /Get the Look


Tip #1 | Materials


As mentioned in the point above, the key of this style is about how materials are selected and matched together. In fact, Italian rustic decor is more about matching texture than about decorating with colours. Use natural materials such as woods and stones generously. You can then incorporate some details in other rustic materials such as iron, weathering steel, terracotta. To give to the walls a tactile twist, choose chalk paint and limewash paint.

However, the best way to create an Italian rustic decor with a modern twist is to work with contrasting materials, that’s to say, by contrasting rough natural surfaces against smooth surfaces. Linear and smooth surfaces in neutral colors, in fact,  work perfectly against irregular unfinished surfaces.





Tip #2 | How to choose furniture


Regarding furniture, always prefer neutral colors and clean lines. Materials could be both rustic such as raw wood or smooth; metallic accents are fine as long as they don’t have a shiny finish, prefer old brass and copper to gold and silver. Modern Italian rustic style is also about incorporating contemporary design pieces in the decor. Actually, another key point of this style is about matching old and new in a cool balance: try for example to match a very rustic table in with some design chairs, or a comfortable and soft sofa with an iconic lounge chair.




Tip #3 | About other decorating elements


What about other decorating elements, such as fabrics? Italian decor is not about rich fabrics and wallpapers (as for example British style is), but it is more about natural textiles such as cottons and linens, always in neutral colors. The whole decorating philosophy is more about balancing contrasts than about adding a lot of decorating layers: keep things simple by working on clean lines, then add interest by working on textures and materials.

To bring an original touch, consider then adding some typical elements of Italian interiors, such as a rustic wine rack to be always filled with new bottles, or a fireplace which can be underlined with unfinished bricks or a different finish. Vaults and arcs are also always welcome in this style, even if modern designs tend to prefer more linear shapes to round ones.



Modern Italian Rustic Style / Be inspired




|| Be inspired by the latest trends in Italian design:




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