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*MONDAYS MADEINITALY* IFU Instruction For Use : self-producted Italian design furniture

Today for *Mondays MadeinItaly* I will share with you an innovative and young Italian brand, IFU©- Instruction For Use.
The concept behind the brand is to give anyone the chance to build on their own design products and share their high style and performing design projects: a self-production of objects finally elevated to the ranks of a real so-called design.
The materials should be easy to find, preferably environmentally friendly and even better if recoveried, and projects must be within the reach of all.
IFU© is also a reply to the economic crisis, with original Italian designers pieces, short chain, cheap costs, but a great personal satisfaction.
…but how does this work?
Simple: just buy IFU© leaflets from IFU website, or in DIY centers, at a small cost.
Then, instructions in hand, find required parts and components within the same store, buy and assemble them, transforming basements, garages, attics, hobby rooms, kitchens, gardens, our spaces – in short – in 2.0 home labs. In fact, instead of a physical object you buy a IFU BOX: an envelope containing the particulars relating to materials and tools needed to make the product, practical instructions that explain how to build it in 15 moves and a QR code with the link to the movie in which designers show the phases of the development.

…without being afraid to personalize the result!
IFU© is developed by a group of Italian young designers with a significant history, under the creative direction of GiulioPatrizi designer:
Giulio Patrizi (IFU© project: bench EOLO – row 1),
CarusoD’AngeliStudio (IFU© project: bench VIAGGIO BREVE – row 2),
Mario Alessiani (IFU© project: bench OLTREMONDO – row 3),
Andrea Pascucci (IFU© project: swinging seat IN BILICO – row 4),
Leonardo Fortino (IFU© project: bench NINA – row 5)
You can also find IFU on Etsy and of course on IFU website