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INTERIOR STYLE TRENDS 2021 | 6 Top Decorating Styles you should know now

What are the trending decorating styles for 2021?

And what’s here to stay from the latest decorating trends?


You may love or hate trends, but you will probably agree that staying updated with what is happening in our industry is essential either if you’re an interior designer or just looking for ideas to your home.

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This is because, as a design pro, knowing about our industry’s latest trends is essential for my professional training and as well as a source of inspiration. 

Also, all of us want to have a nice and comfortable house, but many of us might not have the gift of mentally visualizing our ideal interior space. Having a general knowledge of interior styles and trends, can better understand what pleases us, either as a design professional or not. It also helps to build much better and efficient communication between designer/ architect and clients. Faster and better communication = better results and costs!

In fact, I genuinely believe that being able to recognize different decorating styles is key to the design process. The more you know about styles, the easiest it becomes to identify your or your clients’ style and mix and match design elements true to who you are, your tastes, and personalities.


In this article, I collected  the most trending styles now, both from the web and from instagram. Be inspired!


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What’s new in interior decorating



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Japandi word is the fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian words. It’s the name of a design trend which was born some years ago (I was writing about this here four years ago, actually ) which blends Scandinavian and Japanese styles into interiors defined by minimalism, coziness and a far-eastern touch.

More than just an interior style, Japandi is also a decorating philosophy. Indeed, it puts together Scandinavian minimalism with the wabi sabi Japanese approach, that finds perfection in imperfection. This is translated into the beauty of craftmanship and of traditional decor, of raw materials and simple and natural elements.  






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The word ” transitional style ” defines a modern mix of classic and contemporaryTransitional style is indeed a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics, for a balanced and very refined result.

Furniture lines are simple yet sophisticated, with either straight lines or rounded profiles. The palette is usually neutral, incorporating natural materials such as wood, glass, rattan, fabric, steel and metal, in a calm and well balanced decor. Not minimalist nor maximalist, this design approach is all about finding a visually pleasant balance between different design époques, matching classic elements together with more contemporary ones.

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Transitional Design Style

Park & Oak




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You could translate “grandmillennial” into the words ‘New Traditionalist’. Becoming popular also as “Grandma Chic“, this new decorating style embraces an old-school and layered aesthetic that lets you show your personality. In fact, this style became very popular lately among the youngest generations as a reaction of interiors which looked all the same — bright, minimalist, white-painted on social media.

Defined by a wide range of colours, patterns and textures, grandmillennia interiors features vintage pieces and recycling items together with hand-made ones, for a Bohemian and retro vibe. The approach is very sustainable, with always the idea of giving a second life to those old objects that used to have an out-of-date look. Think for example about antiques, chinoiseries, crocheted blankets, old rugs, teapots and cups, onyx lamps and florals – all those things our grandmothers had in their houses.






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Cottagecore is actually more a lifestyle trend than a real interior style – but it is influencing a lot the decorating world as well. This new trend is all about embracing simplicity and encouraging people to enjoy being in the comfort of their own homes, and we all understand why it became so popular in these pandemic times.

Rural atmospheres, soft hues, inspired by a romanticized western agricultural life are the inspirations of this new decorating philosophy, born from a desire to return to a slower way of living far from the chaos of urban life. Celebrating crafts and homemade, this is another example of the raising of nostalgic movements such as the grand-millennial style we were talking about in the previous point.



Bex Partridge of @botanical_tales. via



new nordic

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Scandinavian design or  ‘Scandi style’ has been one of the most popular trends since the 1930s and is known everywhere for its neutral colours and simplicity. However, a new twist on the minimalistic style is emerging lately, defined as the New Nordic decorating approach. The inspiration of this style comes straight from the nature, adding to Scandinavian minimalism that touch of color and natural materials which makes the interiors cozier and less “cold”.

From burnt oranges and earthy colors, to deep blues and forest greens, the colour palette in fact is inspired by nature and Nordic winter landscapes. They are mixed with tactile materials and organic shapes, always by keeping that stylish and clean aesthetic which has always defined the Scandi interiors.

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Broste Copenhagen


modern mediterranean

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The last style I would like to introduce you today is called “Modern Mediterranean”. The Modern Mediterranean brings a minimalistic approach that explores warmer neutral colors and organic shapes in a new interpretation of the traditional Mediterranean interiors, with their usual whites, blues and decorative patterns.

The first key feature of Modern Mediterranean interiors is brightness and – as a consequence – white. Bright whites are matched with natural materials and light fabrics, such as linens and cottons, in off whites and beiges, creating a very cozy and natural environment which enhances our wellbeing at home.

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