Jul 24, 2019

SHOP IT | Be inspired by Neo Mint Home Decor

The 2020s are predicted to be a decade when cutting-edge technology meets nature. In the dawn of a new era, we find ourselves seeking soothing, calming colour palettes to help us reduce the stress and anxiety of our increasingly dense lives. We push towards chemical-free lifestyles, eco-friendly practices and most importantly – good health. Neo mint comes as the embodiment of these values, highlighting the unity of science and sustainability as the only way forward.

Neo mint is a pastel hue of green that is forecasted to become the shade of 2020. It is yet to be seen if Neo mint will live up to these expectations, but one thing is certain – it is already hitting the runways and major furniture fairs. 

If you’ve been following closely you’ll remember that we already reported spotting it at IMM Cologne 2018 and Milan Design Week 2019. Pantone’s Greenery of 2017 was also on its trail but didn’t dip enough into the modern fantasy vibe that makes Neo mint so attractive to many. 

Both retro and futuristic at the same time, Neo mint suggests happiness and optimism while, similar to Pantone Living Coral, at the same time turning our alarms on. 

Gender neutral as it is, Neo mint appeals to everyone. It’s fresh and powerful, with a distinctive summery feel, so I can hardly imagine it not hitting the highlights. However, we are yet to see the longevity of its future fame.

I was dancing on a fine line between nostalgia and modernity with this one. Warmer tones of Neo mint furniture begged for some golden accents and black details to up the sophisticated mood I was aiming at, while, I admit it, I just couldn’t help but introduce at least a couple of peachy highlights.

What do you say? Would you give it a go?


Neo mint home decor ideas / shop online



  1. Aloft Wallpaper, Anthropologie | approx 105 euros

  2. Alto Compass-Esque Chandelier 8″, Esque Studio | approx 1670 euros

  3. Hera Canvas Print, Sofia Bonati | approx 70 euros

  4. Perasima Dessert Plate, Anthropologie | approx 16 euros

  5. Ruth Hook Rack, Anthropologie | approx 50 euros

  6. Mid-Century Modern Sofa Upholstered in Fortuny Style Fabric, 1stdibs | approx 1250 euros

  7. Loa Sconce with Mint Shade, Sazerac Stitches | approx 90 euros

  8. Zagora Switch Plate, Anthropology | approx 25 euros

  9. Targa Lounge Chair, Artemest | approx 3640

  10. Lanai Border Indoor/Outdoor Sunbrella Area Rug, Bed Bath and Beyond | approx 480 euros

  11. Anda Norr Side Table – Sauder, Target | approx 115 euros

  12. Japanese Elegant Horse Hand Cast, Hand-Painted, Gilt and Signed, Ebay | approx 200 euros

  13. Mint Green Tripod Table Lamp by Josef Hurka for Napako, Decaso | approx 1335 euros

  14. River Reflection Knobs, Set of 2, Anthropology | approx 17 euros

  15. 10″ Relief Tray, Mint Green, One Kings Lane | approx 111 euro

  16. Charlotte pouf, Cristina Celestino | price available upon request


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