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INTERIOR TRENDS | The New London Fabulous celebrates diversities with colours

If you love colors, there is a new interior style trend you should really know now: ever heard about “New London Fabulous” style?


Born in the UK capital, the “New London Fabulous” is a movement “seeking out beauty, complexity and joy“. As a reaction against the dominant minimalism of the latest years, in fact, this new interior style trend works with patterns and colours, embracing the ” Less is a bore ” philosophy typical of postmodernism.

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The joyful and hyper-positive approach in design is one of the key trends of the post-covid times in this post,  that we defined Playful Thinking, and which is expressed very well by this new interior style.

But the movement, with its statement strong use of different bold colors, goes beyond being just a decorating style. In fact, the melting pot of colours is the translation of London melting pot of races, celebrating the beauty of diversities . In the age of closing borders, of Brexit, of lockdowns, of fight against racism, with its extremely colorful aesthetic the style celebrates how beautiful multiculturalism and diversities can be when together.

















The Democratic Monument by London designer Adam Nathaniel Furman, despite being creating three years ago, could be seen as the symbol of this movement. In fact, the project is a proposal for town halls around the UK which features a bold and diverse mix of architectural styles, patterns, colours and bright tiles. The idea is to reflect through architecture the unique combinations of communities that make up different cities around the country.


The Democratic Monument


Furman himself named this new interior style “New London Fabulous” and cited, as other key figures in the movement, designers Yinka Ilori, Camille Walala and Morag Mysercough.

Jump below to see some inspiring projects of this new interior style and have a look at our latest color of the month: Rainbow for many other colorful inspiration.

INTERIOR TRENDS | The New London Fabulous

celebrating beauty in the diversities

Camille Walala / Lego House of Dots


Adam Nathaniel Furman / Nagatacho


Camille Walala / Salt Boutique Hotel



2LG Studio / Perry Rise