Jun 26, 2019

SHOP IT | Soothing Off-White Furniture and Decor

Be inspired by the New Nordic Interior Trend and by Off-Whites Home Decor

As global unrest continues, we find ourselves seeking comfort in the privacy of our homes. In 2019, we turn to colour to elicit optimism and to help us recover from the hustle we experience daily. But when a sense of calm is at a premium, nothing feels more appropriate than a home adorned in off-white decor hues. Embracing warm off-white shades creates a calm and resting environment that enables us to focus on our own thoughts and feelings. Just the thing we are desperate for these days.

So, it is no wonder why the off-whites have been gaining so much traction in the interior design world lately.

At first glance, this subtle colour trend appears tailor-made towards the Nordic style as it features a range of Scandinavian light wood shades. It sure can be. But this is not always the case.

The fact that I used the Hans Wegner CH25 lounge chair (one of Scandinavian design classics) and some pieces from Normann Copenhagen in this mood board doesn’t help in supporting this claim, but if you think about it – in this day and age when everything turns global and intertwined, is it still even possible to add a geographic attribute to emerging interior styles?

Obviously, this monochromatic space is ready for the taking. Tonal as it is, it doesn’t feel either as too much or too little. The secret to its appeal lies in the texture introduced through touchy textiles, patterns, plants and this gorgeous oak screen. All the layers blend in to create an elegant and timeless theme – perfect for those who are not willing to take any chances with trendy colour schemes. This look is always in style!

What I like the most about this concept are its sumptuous, sculptural lines and that fine balance between minimalism and ornamentation. At the same time, it is Scandinavian, Italian, contemporary, Art Deco, vintage and futuristic.

Wouldn’t mind moving in!

How about you?


New Nordic in off-white decor / Shop Online



  1. Baker wallpaper, Saint Maclou | approx 16 euros pre roll
  2. Art print New form two, Riikka Kantinkoski | approx 79 euros
  3. Art print Curves, Leise Dich Abrahamsen | approx 89 euros
  4. Aska shelf, Aska design studio | accepting preorders
  5. Denali table lamp, SIN | approx 315 euros
  6. Shorebird large, white, Normann Copenhagen | approx 47 euros
  7. Drop it hook, Normann Copenhagen | approx 27 euros
  8. Tall vase with motif, HM Home | approx 26 euros
  9. Oak screen, Hübsch | approx 253 euros
  10. Julep sofa, Jonas Wagell for Tacchini | approx 4035 euros
  11. Small antique whiskey crock stoneware jug, Charish | approx 30 euros
  12. Hand-knotted Risa rug, Lulu and Georgia | approx 130 euros
  13. Jia large coffee table, Atelier de troupe | approx 7100 euros
  14. Cup Hasami porcelain, Life | approx 23 euros
  15. CH25 lounge chair, Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Søn | approx 3300 euros
  16. Wooden hand, Hay | approx 22 euros
  17. Dotted cushion cover, HM Home | approx 5 euros
  18. Sleepy kitten ceramic planter, Urban Outfitters | approx 12 euros


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