Jun 21, 2023

DESIGN TRENDS 2024 | Top outdoor furniture trends

In this series of posts “Pills of Design Trends 2024” we are covering in each article a different trend for the next year. These insights are part of the more-than-70 trends covered in the new Trendbook, “INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2024 from Milano” that you can find at this link.

Design Trends 2024 / Outdoor Furniture Design

The great outdoors ” could have been the title of the last Milan Design Week. In fact, one of the very top trends has been about furniture design for the outdoor. Since the pandemic, we all realized how much spending time outdoor has positive effects on the quality of our lives. Therefore, the design for outdoors is becoming as important as the indoor one – with the need of creating comfortable spaces outdoor as indoor ones.

In this article, a round up of the latest trends and news for the outdoor design from Italy and the Milano Design Week+Salone del Mobile.



Outdoor furniture design Trends 2024

01 / Modular and multifunctional

A trend which is essential for this season ( and the next ones too ) both indoor and outdoor – multifunctionality means using the same object in different ways. To reach higher versatility, most of the latest sofa proposals for the outdoor are modular – top be composed and reassembled in different corners and layouts. Outdoor cabinets transform into outdoor kitchens, to be opened just when used and then closed to become just a furniture element. 


Hashi modular sofa by Federica Biasi for Gervasoni
Phil outdoor kitchen b y Ethimo and Gordon Guillaumier

02 / Lightweight and handmade

We already shared about aluminum as one of the top materials because of its lightness and recyclable characteristics. Aluminum mesh is also one of the materials that can be used outdoors, to create table and sofa frames. Or also – often traditional materials such as wood, cord and stone are featured in new products, by using traditional handmade techniques re-interpreted in contemporary ways. 


Guinea chair by Pedrali
Dala by Dedon

03 / Mediterranean touch

One of the greatest sources of inspiration this year is the modern Mediterranean style, inspiring new outdoor collections and evoking a summery and vacation mood. Cord, weaved textures, glazed ceramics, terracotta – but also striped patterns, big umbrellas, lox and cozy corners – to feel in vacation while staying in the garden. 

Jali by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina
Cosmo by Ethimo
Ethimo – detail
Gervasoni – detail

04 / Sculptural and cosy

Far to be just folding furniture elements to be used just when needed, outdoor furniture is now created to become a key design element all year long. Therefore, new sculptural shapes appear also in the outdoor design – in materials that must be highly resistant. Outdoor sofas also can easily be confused with indoor ones – becoming much softer, rounded and cosy than the outdoor sofas we were used to in the past. 


Kasane by nendo for Gervasoni
Anemos table by Pedrali
Pacha lounge chair by Gubi

05 / Lighting for the outdoor

Last but not least – lighting is an essential element to create a comfortable space. Especially for the outdoor design, lighting is super important to create a welcoming mood, and at the same time a functional element to make an outdoor space available to be used during evening and nightime. At Euroluce many top brands focused on the outdoors with a dedicated special area and new proposals of lamps to be used outdoor. 



Cover: Cristina Celestino Tennis Court Club ph De Pasquale Maffini


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